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I AM AN EXPERIENCED AGENT WITH REMAX UNLIMITED. However, I do not charge the traditional fees that most agents charge.

  • ARE YOU SELLING A HOME... I charge a fee of 1.5%. (a buyer's agent fee will also be included, usually 2.5 to 3%).
  • ARE YOU BUYING A HOME... I will give you a rebate of 1% of the home purchase price...it is FREE MONEY for you.

Read over my KSL reviews, they speak for themselves. I have helped hundreds of buyers and sellers save thousands of dollars, all across the state of Utah.

CHECK MY WEBSITE, HalfpriceAgent.com, or call me direct, Ryan Ogden 801-928-9901.

Hours of Operations

Monday - Sunday 8:00am - 8:00pm

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Ryan Was Excellent!

by on

I am so glad I used Ryan as my agent when building our new home. Not only did we get back 4k, but he also was super helpful and easy to work with. He knows about building houses so I felt confident as he looked over our construction. There is no reason to go with anyone else since you not only save money, but also get great service!


We will always work with Ryan!

by on

I'm not usually one to write reviews, but in Ryan's case I really felt like people should know about him. Agents like him don't exist. He was seriously so great to work with. He always made himself available for anything. Very insightful and helpful, yet we didn't feel pressured at all at any point in the process. He wrote us a check after we closed for 1% of the price of the home. No catches or gimmicks.. Just wrote us a check. My wife and I agree that we'll use Ryan for all our real estate needs for as long as he is in the business and tell anyone else to as well. Thanks Ryan!


A Great Deal

by on

Ryan was very knowledgeable about the market and was active in helping us close out the sale of our home. He has an intimate grasp of the housing market in the top of Utah. He was always very responsive to our needs, even setting up an open house though he advised us against it (his advice turned out to be spot on since no one showed up to look at the home) and was a valuable resource in advising us what we needed to do to make our house marketable. Yet the most appealing thing about Ryan is that he charges half of what the average agent charges and you can save thousands of dollars at closing.


Don't be a fool, USE Ryan

by on

I used Ryan for the purchase of my home, based on seeing the positive reviews on KSL. I am glad I did, He was patient and available, I was looking in rural Utah and he was always available and willing to meet me here, there and everywhere in between, it took 3 months of non stop looking to find our home and he never complained on seemed put out logging hundreds and hundreds of miles driving. He was on my side 100% during negotiations with sellers, and lets not forget the 1% gift at the closing process. I got 2,000 back FAST!! It was a huge help getting that money to be able to make the house a home. Would I use Ryan again? OF COURSE, would I recommend you use Ryan? OF COURSE. Would I advise my friends and family to use Ryan? ALREADY HAVE!


Ryan is THE best!

by on

I had the pleasure of working with Ryan for my most recent real estate transaction, and I highly recommend him to anyone. With previous construction experience, he answered many questions for me about my home and he was very familiar with the surrounding area. He was always prompt to reply to my calls and messages, and he made sure everything was done quickly, on time, accurately and efficiently. He made me feel like his only client even while working with several others. Best of all, he was willing to work with me on the amount of commission to received from my transactions, which helped make my transaction possible when it otherwise would not have been. Thanks Ryan!

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