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I AM AN EXPERIENCED AGENT WITH REMAX UNLIMITED. However, I do not charge the traditional fees that most agents charge.

  • ARE YOU SELLING A HOME... I charge a fee of 1.5%. (a buyer's agent fee will also be included, usually 2.5 to 3%).
  • ARE YOU BUYING A HOME... I will give you a rebate of 1% of the home purchase price...it is FREE MONEY for you.

Read over my KSL reviews, they speak for themselves. I have helped hundreds of buyers and sellers save thousands of dollars, all across the state of Utah.

CHECK MY WEBSITE, HalfpriceAgent.com, or call me direct, Ryan Ogden 801-928-9901.

Hours of Operations

Monday - Sunday 8:00am - 8:00pm

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Great to work with!

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Ryan is really friendly and knowledgable, and he wasn't afraid to speak out on my behalf with the seller and title company. He made sure there weren't any red flags on the property, and he even offered to let me borrow some tools for remodel work. Oh, and the $2k rebate check was great!


Working with Ryan Ogden

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This is the finest real estate broker I have worked with period. He is professional, honest, well informed and responsive. I cannot come up with a single negative thing to say about Ryan. He has been instrumental in helping us purchase a home and buy two other home for a total of three transactions. In every case he has exceeded my expectations. If you have the opportunity to work with Ryan you will be very lucky. He is simply the best in every way.


No Better Agent in SLC Area

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Ryan was great to work with. I wouldn't recommend anyone else. He was quick to respond to texts and phone calls at all hours. He really understands the entire buying process and educated us as things came up. Ryan made sure to attend the home inspection and took an hour on the phone with me late one night to explain what were major issues and what weren't. It is convenient having a former contractor representing you as an agent...and the $7k check we got at closing was nice as well.


Ryan Ogden

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I used Ryan to sell a house in Roy in 2008, and now to purchase a house in West Haven in Sept 2014. When buying a house its nice to have an "experienced eye" when looking through the houses. Its simple....do want someone who knows the inner workings of all the systems in the house to point out things you may overlook, or do you want the agent that rolls up in a fancy car with donuts and coffee to impress you?? Ryan noticed things in houses that deterred me from buying them, that would have been costly repairs later. I abused Ryan a lot with this last purchase and he just rolls with the punches. He gives honest opinions of what he thinks to help you decide. If he doesn't have a good feeling about the house your looking at, he will tell you. He steered me away from a $300,000 dollar house that I wanted pretty bad. The house had water damage on some of the walls, and some other things that I would have regretted later. In the end, I opted for a $231,000, and a $2300 check back from Ryan!


Best Agent in Utah....Ryan Ogden

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I have never worked with an agent more professional then Ryan Ogden. He knows the market inside and out and is nothing but professional. If you want a positive experience either buying or selling a home look no further then Ryan Ogden.

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