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*Hours* 5:00am - 300pm Monday through Friday.

Eyelash Extensions by a licensed professional located off Bangerter Highway and 9800 S. Licensed 20 yrs. 9 yrs experience in eyelash extensions!!!. By appt only, text or call. LICENSED, certified, detailed, experienced, clean, professional, fast, advanced skills, quiet, relaxing environment. Individual strands are applied to each of your natural lashes with a medical grade adhesive. Procedure takes 1 hour for a full set. Fills take 35-45 min. Many clients fall asleep during application. It is a painless comfortable procedure. They are weightless and feel like your own. With proper care they last up to six weeks.

Classic: Full set Individual Eyelash Extensions $80,  2 week Fill in $40,  3 week $55.

Volume:  Full set volume Eyelash Extensions $110,  2 week fill in $55,  Three week $70

Eyelashes, like all hair, sheds. Eyelashes have a growth and shed cycle of about 2 -3 months. Natural eyelashes grow in and fall out in cycles (every 60 to 90 days). When a natural lash matures and falls out, a new lash has already been growing and quickly replaces it without us noticing the turnover. Most people will typically shed between one and five natural lashes each day, depending on their individual growth cycles. Since your eyelash extensions are attached to the natural lashes, they will each shed whenever the natural lash they are attached to reaches the end of its growth cycle -- which varies. That is why you may have heard the term semi- permanent. Call or text Angela 801-560-0463

Appointments not rescheduled or cancelled within 24hrs prior are subject to a $25 fee.

* Accepting cash, No Checks,  No Credit Cards *

Hours of Operations

Monday - Friday 5:00am - 3:00pm

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Eyelash Extensions

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I have been going to the same eyelash gal for 2 years now and she decided to no longer do lashes. I can't imagine not getting lashes so I knew I had to find somebody new. Find Anglea through KSL and reached out to her and she responded almost immediately and fit me right in. That was a BIG positive in my book. Angela works out of her beautiful home and I was very comfortable and so relaxed while she did my lashes. I swear I was laying there for 15 min and she was done. She was so kind and welcoming and I never felt a thing. My lashes look gorgeous. I re-scheduled right then and there. I can tell Angela takes a lot of pride in her work and she does it "PERFECTLY".

So good guys!

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I found Angela on KSL. She was responsive and accommodating from the beginning. I was looking for a specific curl which I couldnt find anywhere. While 2 other artists shut me down, she ordered them in specifically for me (and I love them)! She does high quality work, and she's quick. Definitely recommend.

Loved my lashes

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I have been getting my lashes done for almost a year and when my regular lash lady was out of town at my time of need, I looked to give someone new a try. After reading all Angela's reviews, I decided to give her a try. I am sooo glad I did. She was not only super nice and great to chat with, she did an amazing job! My lashes looked fabulous and full! They are even still looking great weeks later. I would certainly recommend her services! Also, I am someone who personally likes to have the one on one experience of home services opposed to a busy/loud salon atmosphere for lashes, so it was great!

The Best

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Angela is an artist, I love my eyelashes! She listened to me and I have exactly what I wanted since I did not want to go glam but more natural. She is wonderful to talk with and I even fall asleep while she works waking up with beautiful lashes. The lashes make my morning routine so easy and fast. She is very precise so that there is never any glue dots or residue on my skin or lashes. I receive so many compliments that my eyes are gorgeous and it is because of my eyelashes by Angela that are the perfect frame. Thank you!!

eyelash extentions

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Angela is an ARTIST! I had my eyelashes done yesterday and I am so thrilled with the results! my natural eyelashes are very short and blonde on the tips, my new lashes are so gorgeous, they are long and dark, they make my eyes really stand out, and the best part no need for mascara yay! my boyfriend noticed immediately that I had them done! She is very personable and professional. Her work space is organized and very clean. this was my first experience having this done, I was a little nervous,she put me at ease right away and we were done before you know it!

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