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Furnace or AC giving you trouble? We service all makes and models and offer superior expertise in the diagnosis and repair of your HVAC system. You'll get high quality parts that are installed correctly and wont cost you an arm and a leg. Is your old and inefficient furnace or AC in need of replacement? We can do that too and we're extremely good at it. The estimates are FREE and you'll love Steve's laid-back, no-pressure approach as he thoroughly calculates your heating and AC needs and offers you an exceptional product at a price that will bring a big smile to your face. He wont try to upsell or pressure you to buy something you don't really need unless you wish to upgrade and at that point, Steve can show you a variety of upgrades to choose from.

Hill Heating & Air is a small business, owned and operated by Steve Hill. Steve has been doing this for over 20 years. He is fully licensed, certified and insured. And Hill Heating & Air is an accredited business of The Better Business Bureau. You'll find that Steve is just an all-around good guy. He takes pride in being Honest and providing his customers with Quality Products at Great Prices with Exceptional Craftsmanship.

Service Area: Ogden to Provo and Park City to Tooele.

Business Hours: Monday -Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. (Available evenings, weekends and holidays for emergencies).

Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express accepted.

Hop on the website at hvacinsaltlakecity.com and checkout the coupons, testimonials, etc.

Give Steve a call today! You wont be disappointed.

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Hill Heating And Air

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heating and air conditioning

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We initially found Hill Heating and Air as a very competitive bidder when we were wanting to install a central air conditioner in our home. Steve Hill did the install, and has made several maintenance visits since. He solved a challenging problem with our condenser, and the unit has worked very well before that instance and ever since. We recently needed some duct extensions fabricated and installed, and Steve came by and gave us a successful bid and came back within a week to do the work. He did a very careful installation that looks and functions very well. We enjoy having Hill Heating and Air in our home for all our HVAC projects as we trust them to do a quality job at a competitive price.


Excellent Job

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I called Steve for a couple of things I needed done on a basement remodel and he came out the next morning and took great care of me. His pricing was reasonable and he was very nice as he explained things to me and installed some new heating vents in a couple new bedrooms. I was totally comfortable leaving him alone in my home for a couple of hours. I will be using Hill Heating & Air again next time I need HVAC services.


Poor service

by on

Did not know how to fix the problem, so he commenced to replace parts until the problem was fixed. I asked him to put back all the old parts that hadn't fixed the issue and he claimed it was a combination of all of them. Highly doubtful. It was most assuredly just that last cheapest part he replaced that did the job. He even tried replacing the thermostat, but I got him to put the old one back. I ended up spending over 500 bucks on a bunch of parts that were probably just fine.

Owner response: I was not aware of this issue. If this customer could please call me I will reimburse them and make sure that they are happy. Steve Hill Owner


Honest/Reliable/Good Price

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Steve is the best guy in the business! He has done a few job for us and has been so great to work with. He converted our old house to central air and did a new furnace and then just replaced our AC unit in our new house. I contacted him this morning about my furnace and was at my house a few hours later and got it fixed. His prices are great (lower than anyone I've called) and does a great job. I trust him completely!


fast and fair

by on

My AC was blowing out uncooled air, same problem I had last year and the other guys did a bandaid fix and left me boiling this year. Steve agreed to come out way faster than the other guys could, he quickly found the problem and fixed it properly so this hopefully won't be an annual thing. So happy to not sleep to fans blowing around warm air tonight.

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