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Emotions are a powerful force. We live, we love, we experience.  We try to capture that experience through images, sounds, smells. The greatest art will not merely represent the experience, but will allow the viewer to become one with the experience.  That image is truly worth something.

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Monday - Saturday 10:00am - 9:00pm

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Next Level Photography

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I was looking to start a website. As a musician I wanted something that would be both artistic and bold. I saw some of the work done by Imortaliz and decided that they could give me that stunning and dramatic look that I needed. The process is a little bit different than a normal photography, but the results are incredible and I was very happy with the end result. I would recommend these guys to my musician friends or athletes who want pictures that are unique and memorable.


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My brother and I are musicians, and had photos taken with Imortaliz. We had lots of fun though we weren't sure how the photos would turn out, we were very pleasantly surprised. We loved the background and lighting in the pictures, which produced a feeling we were where we wanted to be in the music world. The prices are great as well as the service. Definitely would love to get pictures taken again with them and recommend Imortaliz to anyone wanting to explore different creative and professional realms.


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My son had some pictures done at Immortaliz Photography. He is a musican and the backgrounds were awesome. I thought they mostly did sports shots, but was impressed with the range of photos I saw. They are very different and artistic. The other photos I saw were very creative. The great thing is they can put almost any background behind the picture! After finding out what it is you want, the photos are taken in their studio, then do their magic with the backgrounds. They are very good at this, and the pictures don't look fake. If you are looking for something creative and fun give them a try!

Really Cool Photography!

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They took pictures for my girls, and while at first you have to get used to the process, as it's different than how people usually do pictures, the things they can do are amazing. They shoot at their studio, which is kind of nice because you can do it on your own time, and the weather doesn't get in the way, and then they can put you in any background, and it's not like a lot of those cheesy tourist looking shots that you get at like the Empire State Building. It's more like a mix between a painting and a photo, like artwork. I think they do mostly sports, but we had them do some really awesome dance pictures and they are really creative. If you're looking for something different then the usual, check them out, they have a lot to offer, and their prices are pretty reasonable too.