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iQue Repair is a retail facility located at 7231 South 900 East Suite

300 in Midvale, Utah 84047. We are open Mon - Fri 9 AM - 6 PM and

Saturdays 9 AM - 3 PM!

Here we fix Apple iPhones, ipads, and ipods. We are experienced

professionals who are all certified, and committed to restoring your

technology to it's fullest potential.

We offer FREE diagnostics on all devices that come in and ensure it's running properly or we won't charge you a dime!

We can repair both internal and external issues including software problems resulting in bricking your Apple devices.

Below is a list of some of the services we provide!

Iphone 4:

- Full iPhone 4 color conversions (Black, White, Red, Pink, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange)

- Front Glass

- Back Glass

- Battery Issues

- Re-sauldering of motherboard

- Usb Charging Ports

- Speakers

- Microphone

- LCD Back Light issues

- Unlocks/Jailbreaks

- Pretty much anything wrong with the device we can fix it!

Iphone 3g/3gs:

- Front Glass (No matter the condition!)

- LCD (Is your back Light dim or pix-elated?)

- Volume/Vibrate/Power/Audio Jack Problems!

- Battery replacement

- Charging Dock Repair

- Home button repairs!

- Water Damaged devices!

- Dont see your fix give us a call!

Ipod Touch 2/3/4 Generation:

- Front Glass Repair

- LCD Repair

- Battery Replacement

- Audio Jack Repair

- Data Backup and restore

- And more!

Ipad 1 & 2:

- Front Glass Repair (OUCH... Were the most affordable in town!)

- LCD Repair

- Need something more?

As you can see we are fully equiped to handle any of your Apple protable devices.

Give us a call today!


Visit www.iquerepair.com

(For full pricing and locations)

Hours of Operations

Monday - Friday 9:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday 9:00am - 3:00pm

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Ique does not back up their work.

by on

Wish I had read these reviews before I went to Ique. I took an ipad in to have the screen replaced. After I picked it up I took it home and set it on my dresser. The next day I noticed a small crack in the screen. When I called Ique and suggested they had installed a faulty screen or someone had installed it incorrectly, they told me that was impossible. They said they could give me a good deal and replace it for only $75. I just paid them the day before to fix it the first time . I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND ANYONE TO USE IQUE REPAIR!



by on

I took my iPhone into get fixed because of a cracked screen to their 900 E location and left with a broken phone. I was late for work so when they handed me my phone back, I just looked and noticed that the screen was not cracked anymore and ran off to work. After about 2 hours when I went onto my break I went to get on my phone only to have noticed that the backlight was broken. I called and they were closed&had to spend the night phoneless. I went back to them the next day and they took my phone for 3 days to "try" and fix it, so I was phoneless for the next 3 days. When I finally came to pick it up they told me there was nothing they could do. I told them that I didn't have the problem before I gave them the phone and they showed me a form saying they are not liable for breaking your phone while trying to fix it. So I paid for a brand new glass screen on a phone I couldn't even use and had to go buy a completely new phone. I'm a poor college student and can't afford this. Rip off.


More problems then repairs

by on

For starters this is the first time I have ever left a review for any business on KSL. I would never recommend iQue repair to anyone. My wife bought a groupon for screen repairs and so we took a couple devices in. My wifes iPhone would continually restart after we got it back (which took way longer then they initially said) and they were unable to do anything about it. Our ipad that we took it the screen started to come off which lead to (what I believe and they deny) it cracking. so they would only re-seal the screen. I will never use iQue repair to replace anything even though my wife bought one of their plans to make the next time cheaper, still not worth it.


Go to Apple store instead

by on

Same complaint as other customers. This company is comprised of a bunch of college aged guys that have know idea what they are doing or how to treat customers. Took my phone in to have screen replaced and after taking three times as long as they promised, I left with a phone that no longer worked and was told too bad and that it was my fault. Spoke to the so called general manager and had my intelligence insulted and was offered no compensation. This company is a joke!


Poor Service

by on

Really disappointed with the customer service. Specifically bought a groupon that clearly said the repair was for "any electronic repair." The manager would not honor that saying that they basically would not make enough money. Spoke to the supposed owner that was nice but still would not honor any kind of discount. I myself manage 2 busy businesses and if you're customer service isn't 110% these days it's nothing. At the worst they would of been out a whopping 40 bucks(but more like 10-20), in return they would of had a customer for life that would of told every broken apple friend where to take it. Hope another business comes around to offer better service...

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