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iQue Repair is a retail facility located at 7231 South 900 East Suite

300 in Midvale, Utah 84047. We are open Mon - Fri 9 AM - 6 PM and

Saturdays 9 AM - 3 PM!

Here we fix Apple iPhones, ipads, and ipods. We are experienced

professionals who are all certified, and committed to restoring your

technology to it's fullest potential.

We offer FREE diagnostics on all devices that come in and ensure it's running properly or we won't charge you a dime!

We can repair both internal and external issues including software problems resulting in bricking your Apple devices.

Below is a list of some of the services we provide!

Iphone 4:

- Full iPhone 4 color conversions (Black, White, Red, Pink, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange)

- Front Glass

- Back Glass

- Battery Issues

- Re-sauldering of motherboard

- Usb Charging Ports

- Speakers

- Microphone

- LCD Back Light issues

- Unlocks/Jailbreaks

- Pretty much anything wrong with the device we can fix it!

Iphone 3g/3gs:

- Front Glass (No matter the condition!)

- LCD (Is your back Light dim or pix-elated?)

- Volume/Vibrate/Power/Audio Jack Problems!

- Battery replacement

- Charging Dock Repair

- Home button repairs!

- Water Damaged devices!

- Dont see your fix give us a call!

Ipod Touch 2/3/4 Generation:

- Front Glass Repair

- LCD Repair

- Battery Replacement

- Audio Jack Repair

- Data Backup and restore

- And more!

Ipad 1 & 2:

- Front Glass Repair (OUCH... Were the most affordable in town!)

- LCD Repair

- Need something more?

As you can see we are fully equiped to handle any of your Apple protable devices.

Give us a call today!



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Hours of Operations

Monday - Friday 9:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday 9:00am - 3:00pm

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Worst repair and customer service I have ever encountered!

by on

Beware! I took in a perfectly working cracked screen iPhone 4S, and walked out of their store two hours later with a broken iPhone. The employees referred me to the waiver that I signed when I dropped off the device. It basically says that if they break your device while trying to fix it, they are not liable. They did not compensate me for my phone. As a matter of fact, they had the audacity of accusing me of swapping out the original phone for a broken one! Read the waiver carefully before signing! I have heard several other KSL users that are former customers with the same complaint! Don't say I didn't warn you! I will never do business with this company again. By far the worst customer service I have ever received in my life!!!

Customers Beware - Worst Customer Service Ever

by on

Took in a working iPhone that needed the broken screen replaced. Were given back a phone that no longer worked. All we were told is it was 'pure coincidence' that it broke while they had it... it could have happened at any time. No compensation, no offer for a replacement phone, and they drug this whole process out for THREE DAYS. Wouldn't even willingly offer a refund on the "service" they provided, that had to go through the owner!

iPod Touch Battery Replacement Issue

by on

I took a perfectly good operating Ipod Touch in for battery replacement and came out with a destroyed one! They said moisture inside caused the unit to fail after putting the battery in. I have a hard time believing that since the unit was Never around any moisture other than what is in the air. I am not happy with the outcome since I no longer have an iPod and Apple only allows 10% trade-in on the purchase of a new one.

Fast and Professional

by on

IQue in Midvale repaired/replaced cracked screens on my iPad 2 and iPod touch. They were fast, less than 2 hours, and professional. I would definitely recommend them to anyone hoping to repair their devices rather than replace them at the Apple Store. I would happily come back, but I hope I never have to!