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James Ethan Real Estate Co. provides property management services for all sizes of investment portfolios; from single-family dwellings to large apartment complexes and commercial properties.  In addition, we are a full-service brokerage for investors looking to acquire or sell property.  Our goal is to always create win-win relationships that will last for years.  Call us today with any questions or to get started.

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No communication, horrible customer service, quesitonable ethics.

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This company managed our property in the SL area for 1 year, and at the beginning the owner was friendly & the low management cost sounded great. After a few months we started getting charged for repairs that needed our authorization according to our agreement, and his response was that they did away with the repair priority sheet that was in our contract... last I checked, you can't delete things from a contract at whim. They took $1,000 over the summer for repairs - some that we think should have been authorized, one that the tenants said they did themselves, and one major one that (while necessary) they didn't even bother to give us a heads up about. Our tenants even said this guy told them not to even change batteries in smoke alarms because repairs were how he "made his money." Finally, the month after our contract ended this company still pulled the rent payment from our tenants' account without permission and took a full week to return the money without an apology. Beware.

Very disappointing

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Be prepared to pay an application fee to have any of your questions answered. The agent I dealt with today "Just doesn't have time until the application fees are paid". I expected more from "professionals".

Owner response: Simply not true. As required by many other landlords and property managers, an application fee is required before your rental application will be processed. However, nothing is required before we'll answer questions and show a property. Call our office and we're happy to talk. If we can determine on the phone that you won't meet our tenant qualifications (income, rental history, credit score, etc.), we won't make you waste your time. Chances are this is a tenant that was trying to get into a property they wouldn't have qualified for. If this person wasn't willing to pay an application fee to have us verify his or her background, they probably had something to hide.