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At the Jardine Law Offices in Salt Lake City, our law firm offers high quality criminal defense and accident litigation services to clients in Utah and southern Idaho. To learn more about the range of our criminal and civil trial practice and how you can benefit from our experience, contact a knowledgeable lawyer at our firm for a free consultation.

At the Jardine Law Offices in Salt Lake City, we represent persons facing serious state and federal criminal charges in Utah and southern Idaho. We also offer highly skilled client service in motor vehicle accident and wrongful death claims. For a forceful advocate through the most difficult times, contact an experienced trial lawyer at our law firm.In criminal defense, there are no style points--results are everything. Experience and impressive credentials are great, but don't forget to ask your potential attorney if they ever win at trial. Ask whether they have ever beaten the same charge that you are facing now.Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney Joseph Jardine has obtained orders of dismissal and acquittals at trial in drunk driving cases, felony sex crimes, drug cases, and many other offenses. The results he has achieved for his clients speak volumes about his ability to develop and present an effective defense to the prosecutor, the judge, the jury, or the parole board. He is also one of a small number of Utah lawyers who regularly defends clients in federal court. He wins there, too.In personal injury cases, including those involving severe or fatal injuries resulting from truck accidents or motorcycle accidents, our lawyers bring the same winning attitude to the table. Our goal is to maximize your compensation.

Whether you need help with criminal defense or accident litigation, contact the Jardine Law Offices in Salt Lake City for a free consultation.

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I highly recommend

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I highly recommend Thanks, thanks, timely, efficient and very clever, was not easy to make my case and he did such a way that the judge saw and understood as all were false accusations, it was worth every penny ....

Horrible Attorney, BEWARE!

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In my opinion; the worst most incompetent attorney I have ever had the displeasure of encountering. Personally I would steer clear and represent yourself in a court case, you would have a better chance at a better outcome. The judge said that he would not review a request due to the attorneys lack of experience and incompetence. Joseph failed to outline details and possible outcomes in a case and did not hesitate to take my money and then proceed to not give a crap about the case. Always unprepaired in court, late to court and when asked about the case he seemed to not know what was going on. Do Not retain this lawyer!

Best Criminal Attorney

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Jardine is the best criminal attorney in Salt Lake City. I recommend him to anyone with a criminal charge. Roy Hodgson