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 Here are just some of the services our company offers, Men & Women's dress shirts, custom designer jeans, alterations, wedding dresses prom dresses mens custom tuxedos. We can also make custom jeans and apparel with either embroidery or screen printing. Come see us today to get into your new pair of jeans, custom shirts, or your dream dress.

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Best thing ever

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I have been buying jeans from Kish for years. I am 6'10 and box stores don't sell my size. Kish makes amazing custom jeans for a reasonable price. He is great to work with and has been really helpful mending older jeans so I can get a little bit more time with them before they are permanently retired. I've had a great experience and don't know what I would do jeans-wise without him.


Poor workmanship, bad customer service, doesn't guarantee work

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I hired Kish to make 4 custom outfits totaling $400. He was given an actual example of each outfit as I was just wanting a different color and size on most of them, he also sketched each outfit perfectly. He never sent fabric samples like we had agreed, he just purchased it and refused to get new fabric as it was all the wrong color and wrong material. He missed multiple deadlines and always tried to cancel our appointments 30 mins before when he was well aware that I lived over an hour and a half away from him. After accepting money, sketching it out and having the actual dress I wanted remade in his hands he buys material and starts making a dress only to tell me that he doesn't have the kind of machine needed to do the hem?! After he finished the clothes which were basically slopped together, I was upset to find that none of them had the alterations that he had himself pinned finished and a couple were missing pieces. He refuses to finish his work without more $.


Please do not work with Kish

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Although Kish is a nice guy, his workmanship is very poor and he a no customer service. Luckily I was able to salvage what I got from him. He is not a timely worker, does not meet deadlines and is always lying about being sick or busy so he can not meet for fittings. When the truth is he has not actually finished what he has promised. With weeks of time to sew, he slops his "award winning masterpieces" together minutes before you arrive. He is not worth your time or Money. I feel bad for all who have worked with him.


wedding dress

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While Kish is very personable, I am afraid our experience with him was not as positive as other reviewers. The dress he produced did not fit well and was so poorly made it was not wearable. He had three months to finish a fairly simple dress but finished a week before the date. I kept hoping he would pull through, but the finished product looked, and was, thrown together. I really felt sick. I paid $250, but did not use the dress. I would not recommend him. I think he overbooks and while he may have the sewing skills necessary, I did not see them.


Incredible Cinderella Ball Gown!

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I work for a Princess Party company, and had to find a Cinderella gown quick! I was referred to Kish, who had done a few other costumes for the company. I showed him a few pictures of the design I would like, he showed me fabric samples, and he got straight to work. With every fitting, he had surprised me with his ingenious skills to make every inch of the dress fit me perfectly. He even went the extra mile to work with my time schedule. Kish is easy to work with, and makes you feel very comfortable. He's just awesome. I highly recommend him! "Beautiful workmanship, very professional, opulent Cinderella dress!"

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