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Voted KSL 2014 ALIST winner for best car wash company of the year. We specialize in winter carpet cleaning. Using less water, carpets dry in less then 60 min in homes, you dont have to leave windows open. We also do not use harsh soapy chemicals. and our carpet cleaning system is the best at removing pet hair. We also specialize in winter car detailing, with steam cleaning your seats and carpets are dry in less then an hour even on cold days. 

Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Holiday specials call now.

* 2 rooms cleaned for free with the purchase of a Sofa and Loveseat cleaning. call for details

* 2 rooms cleaned free with tile and grout cleaning.

Apartment special $40 for one bedroom, living room, hallway.

We steam clean your seats and carpets for faster dry times. Call now 801-687-1571

We travel to your home or business.

Yes most shops can leave your seats and carpets very wet for hours even days. Not with Mobile Detailing Co. We come to your home or business offering top quality at a great price.

This is top quality detailing. We use professional equipment designed to give your car a deep clean. Why are we less? We do not have a million dollar car wash to fund.

* Winter Interior Car Cleaning special, call for details.

* Special $25 to steam clean 4 seats with scotchgard. 


Seats & Carpet dry in 1 hour.


Unfortunately at this time we do not service Weber/Davis County

Hours of Operations

Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday 9:00am - 2:00pm

Reviews (96)

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Unimpressed with the customer service

by on

My appointment was from 1-4. At 10:30 I got a text asking if he could come now. Having appointments, I didn't reply until 11:15. I graciously accepted the offer for an earlier time. When he got to my work, he refused to come inside to have me paged, so I told him I'd be there in 5 minutes. The response I got was "ok, please hurry, can't start till u get here". At that point I almost just canceled the appointment, but thought I'd be nice and give him a chance. He then proceeded to inform me that he needed water in his bucket to clean, and had me run around my work trying to find him a place to fill his bucket. An hour and a half later, he once again texted to let me know he was done, so I inspected the car. It looked good. However, he left garbage from the car in the parking lot around my car, and a pile of garbage by my personal belongings on a grass strip by my car. I've never had my car detailed before, so I don't know how his performance was, but his customer service was TERRIBLE.


bad communication

by on

I purchase the coupon from Amazon Local. Sounded like a good deal i was even ready to pay extra because I have a med size suv. Never even got that far. They missed our appointment twice. The 1st time they forgot appointment I txt them & he apologized saying equip failure. 2nd time they forgot I txt them again.... not even a reply this time. it's been 48 hours since I've texted. I called amazon local & got my money back. Bad service, for a business they are very disorganized.


Not Impressed

by on

Not impressed with the owner of this detailing company. I've had several people in all week cleaning my carpets, tiles, floors and upholstery. Out of all of them NONE of them asked for a tip or added gratuity onto the deal I had already purchased. Also none of them nickel and dime me to additional charges on the deal that I thought I had already purchased. Jeff kept brining up that if I had gone with another company it would have cost me X amount of dollars but after the deal I had bought, the extra charges to clean cushions and pillows and tax and gratuity guess what. It cost the same. I would rather know what I'm dealing with up front then be surprised and side blinded at the end. I also thought he had a really negative attitude compared to all the other guys who came to my house to do their jobs. I will not use this company ever again.

Owner response: Sorry you did not have a good experience. It is our goal to make every customer happy. However sometimes this is not possible. Yes in the beginning we read over the voucher together so we have a clear understanding what is included and it does mention gratuity not included. Furthermore you had a sofa much larger then what was clearly out lined in the voucher. This is no different then buying an 8 ounce steak but demanding a 12 ounce at the same price. Also ad clearly states up to 5 cushions. You had 12. You do not have to tip. It us greatly appreciated. Have a good day.


Great Detail

by on

Bought a van from a dealer that had mold in it (unknowingly). Dealer cleaned out the mold, but the stench remained. Called Jeff at Mobile Detailing. He told me up front what he could and couldn't do, and he was half the cost of the other detail companies I had called. Plus, he came to my house, and didn't charge for mileage. He told me that he couldn't guarantee that the smell would come out, but he would try. The van smells considerably better now - he was able to steam clean the vents. He cleaned the carpet, seats, and the nooks and crannies I couldn't get to. He was also able to get out dirt, stains and smudges that the dealer's detail didn't. Very happy with my experience, I will call him again and would definitely recommend this company to everyone I know.



by on

I just had him come out and clean new to me car. He was very honest and upfront, he underestimated what can be expected but way way overdelivered! I know he said he cannot make an old car look new but he did for my car!!! I was so impressed! My car literally looks and smells new! I didn't expect it to be this good! A lot of attention to detail, leather conditioning, steam cleaning, the car doesn't have a trace of previous owner. I will always use him moving forward. Only cost me $100; others were charging $180. I stayed home while he cleaned the car, what a great convenience when you have kids! He is great. A++++.

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