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LCD screen repairs, Digitizer repairs, iPad repairs, iPhone repairs, iPod repairs.  Lewis Wireless of Salt Lake City Utah. 30 day warranty.   We buy and sell good used cell phones. All brands. Cell phones and repairs of iPod, iPad, iPhones, LCD's, Batteries, Flashing. Photo restoration too.

Call 801-474-3366. Come to Lewis Wireless, 2445 south Main St, SLC - this is a block west of State St, on Main Street, by i80 fwy. 10 am to 7 pm Mon - Fri. 10am - 6 pm Sat., closed Sundays.

Bring your extra cell phones in, they may have a trade-in value. We buy, sell, repair, unlock, flash all brands. 30 day warranty.

Hours of Operations

Monday - Saturday 10:00am - 7:00pm

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horrible rip off

by on

What a joke ! They don't put any prices on their merchandise and if you don't speak Spanish you will get screwed!!!

Dishonest Shady - Stay Away

by on

I should have been warned by all the other negative reviews. Horrible experience. Don't waste you time like I did.


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first of all theirs an older lady that u do not want to meet or talk in there she is like no help i came once to see if they xould help me bringin my phone to them see if i can do anything about it cuz they might know more then me since thats their job and she ended up acusing me saying that it might had been a stolen phone ai my sel sell phone and buys phones but i ended telling her if i could just talk to some one else instead so i did basically no help old lady kept on follown me as i was asking for more help saying itvwould have been a stolen phone really rude from her any ways i ask them if they had sim cards for cricket since cricket now uses sims and they told me cricket doeant suport sims when i had one in front of their face with sim card they told me it was a flash phone priblably any ways if their attitude wihtbout change wirh be other story i just teied to bring my bussines to a nother corporation and just cuz these wat so call....customwr servise where very rude


by on

This is the worse place to go get a phone. They say it has a 21 day warranty but after you buy it they tell you that you cannot get your money back if you do not like it. I bought a phone for my sister. First of all it cost 65 dollars to buy. The next day it was dropping calls and was not calling out. Took it back and they said I couldn't get my money back. They said it was the battery which I knew it wasn't. They traded out the battery and it still didn't work. The battery they gave me would only last for 5 minutes before it hung up. The owner was horrible to work with. All the phones are beat up. If you want to save money in the long run do not go to this place. They will lie to you and are dishonest.

No way!

by on

Be warned! Several times have customers called wireless providers about phones they have attempted to purchase from this company, only to find out that they are stolen! Always call and confirm any cell phone's serial number with your provider prior to purchasing

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