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The emphasis with my students is in reading and math. I feel that these two are important to helping them in the future. Every day we will be reciting the alphabet, counting, talking about colors, shapes, science, and other aspects of learning. We will also be learning how to play well with others and alone. I believe that play is an important way to learn. Most of the pre-kindergarten students will be reading short books and doing simple math problems by the end of their time with me. I love to have fun with the children. We will be having class parties, going on field trips, have a year end program and other fun activies. I have ten years experience teaching preschool.

2015-2016 school year

Pre Kindergarten

Class 1 M/W/F 9:00-11:15  $90 per month $50 annual registration/supply fee

Class 2 M/W/F 11:30-1:45  $90 per month $50 annual registration/supply fee

Class 3  T/Th 11:30-2:00 $80 per month (this class only)  $50 Registration/supply fee

3/4 year olds Class 1: T/Th - 9:00 - 11:15   $70 per month $45 annual registration/supply fee 

Summer Camps

(Not available this year)

For more information please visit my website.






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Great Preschool!

by on

My three year old daughter started Little Tiger Preschool last fall, and in less than one year she has learned her letters, their sounds, and started sounding out words. She has also learned numbers up to 20, whereas before she did not know any. They go on monthly field trips, which I love because it gives parents a chance to be involved. She is excited to go to preschool every time and can’t wait to tell me what she has learned each day. When I was looking for a preschool I was looking for somewhere to help my energetic child be excited about learning. Ms. Suzanne and Little Tigers Preschool is exactly what I was looking for and would recommend it to anyone!


Fabulous Preschool

by on

I have had my child at this school for two years. He attended the four year old class as well as the five year old class. Ms. Suzanne is absolutely wonderful. He is learning how to write and is reading very well. He also has learned how to count from one to ten in Spanish. He has very much enjoyed this school. The children have a safe and comfortable atmosphere. We have been extremely pleased. Thank you Little Tiger Preschool!!


Great Preschool

by on

My son has had a great experience with Little Tiger. It is an academic based curriculum, and he has grown in leaps and bounds. He loves the sign language, the books he gets to bring home to practice reading, the monthly field trips, and of course--snack time! I give my highest recommendations!


Great Preschool

by on

We have been very happy with our choice to use Little Tiger Preschool. My son has learned a lot and has liked going. We have especially liked the field trips! I would, and have, recommended this preschool!


Great Pre-K program!

by on

My son is attending the Pre-K program at Little Tiger preschool. We have been very happy with Miss Suzanne. She is very organized, good at communicating, and has appropriate expectations of the children. When my son had a behavioral issue in class, she spoke with me and then worked with me once my husband and I decided how we hoped to handle the situation. It all turned out well and my son loves to go to school. He has learned a lot and will be much more confident heading into Kindergarten in the fall. The tuition is extremely reasonable. It is a great program to help get them ready for the next step!

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