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 My philosophy is to establish the safest and most effective way of returning patients to normal lifestyles, athletics and work. Over the years, we have developed minimally invasive techniques and devices to assist patients in full recovery without prolonged rehabilitation and/or increased expenses related to lost work time.

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Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm

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Bad Results

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Personally I like him he is a nice guy but after he did a total knee replacement surgery I had to have a full revision surgery of the same knee in only 12 months. The original implants were misaligned causing the tibial plate to loosen. I am not sure where to assign blame was it the manufacturer Conformis or the way it was put in it was a custom made knee implant from a CT scan of my legs. The results are no income for one month due to recovery and going through this whole surgery again. The pain of recovery. I now have a 9 inch spike put in at an angle down my Tibia. Their are still questions in my mind as to what happened. Conformis the knee implant manufacturer will not answer my questions and I don't feel like talking to Dr. Paulos. I would get a second opinion from another surgeon and proceed with caution I had also heard from hospital staff that most of my surgery was really done by another doctor while Dr. Paulos observed.

Paulos Magic

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Dr. Paulos did surgery on my right shoulder and it was like a miracle. I now need to see him again for an unrelated problem. I look forward to another miracle. I would recommend him to everyone. And, yes, I have seen other OS with disapointment, but not Dr. Paulos. Kathleen Noel

25 years of Shoulder surgery

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Initial injury - hockey puck to left shoulder, @ junction of the sub scap, pec/biceps; a from a slapshot, followed by lacrosse & acromium hook ruined inside of the glenohumeral joint. Arthroscopic decompression in 1988, didn't fix it, followed by biceps tenodesis : snipping the long head of the biceps, and tunneling through humerus setting biceps tendon w/butterfly anchor w/ same result negative. Complaint was focal spot under subscap, and about 8 years later, bothersome rear shoulder irritation that grew into a dehabilitating tendonitis. Finally found Dr. Krim, @ U of U Ortho radiol; she found the necrotic bone under subscap w/ osteophytes & the loose butterfly anchor buried in teres minor. Paulos removed the anchor, and fixed the sub scap in 2012, and when I woke up, I was immediately better. My point : 99.99 of surgeons would not operate a third time on a poor 50 y/o surgical candidate. Beck up at U of U wouldn't do it. Paulos has huge cojones. Huge. I want that in a orthopod.

Help Through Hard Times

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Dear Dr. Paulos, You operated on our son, Michael Eames, some years ago, just before you went to Texas. He passed away two years ago. We got a great lift from the many photos of famous skiiers who had been helped by your surgery. We always kidded that we were going to send you a photo of Michael jumping to show that even the no-so-famous skiiers benefited from your skills. We used one of those photos on the funeral program. In the obituary, we thanked the many doctors from Cache Valley to Las Vegas who had helped Michael live a full, active life. You are one of those doctors. He had 11 surgeries on that knee, and every one of them helped him to ski and rock climb. Thank you so much. You are fine, kind man; and our once-only experience with you was a good one. Kindest regards, Sharell Eames

Excellent treatment for ski-related injury

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I met Dr. Paulos in 1990. I had fallen on my skis and slid 200 feet. In addition to a shoulder dislocation, I had a hills sachs deformity and bankart fracture. I was convinced that I needed an operation. Dr. Paulos told me that I could rehab the shoulder and do well without surgery. He accompanied me to the physical therapist and showed me and the therapist the appropriate exercises. I never did dislocate the shoulder again and recovered well. Dr Paulos operated on my other shoulder 16 years later. Despite visits to several different physical therapists, I am still doing exercises that only Dr. Paulos has demonstrated. Both shoulders continue to do well. I feel quite fortunate to be a patient of Dr. Lonnie Paulos. --Howie Garber MD, Emergency Physician