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2.2.1 The net assembly shall consist of the net, its suspension and the supporting posts, including the clamps attaching them to the table.

2.2.2 The net shall be suspended by a cord attached at each end to an upright post 15.25cm high, the outside limits of the post being 15.25cm outside the side line.

2.2.3 The top of the net, along its whole length, shall be 15.25cm above the playing surface.  

2.2.4 The bottom of the net, along its whole length, shall be as close as possible to the playing surface and the ends of the net shall be as close as possible to the supporting posts.


2.4.1 The racket may be of any size, shape or weight but the blade shall be flat and rigid.

2.4.2 At least 85% of the blade by thickness shall be of natural wood; an adhesive layer within the blade may be reinforced with fibrous material such as carbon fibre, glass fibre or compressed paper, but shall not be thicker than 7.5% of the total thickness or 0.35mm, whichever is t




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This is great

Marias Test

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Testing 123

This business is so ridiculous

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James the owner of this company totally ruined the project. He showed up late everyday and called constantly saying supplies didn't show up. Every single ***** ing time he would do this to me. Now my project lays unfinished and who the hell knows when James will come back to clean up this ***** mess he has created. If you'd like to see photos of his stellar work feel free to text me at 801-555-test


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1-2-3-4-5 a million bam! Shake n bake!


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