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I offer a flexible schedule, including evenings and weekends, for an easy fixed rate of $19/hr.

On the first visit, I normally deep-clean, then rotate special attention to each room on the next scheduled cleanings; monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly, to keep your home or business looking its best.

One-time or occasional jobs are welcome.

Please feel free to request special cleaning jobs, such as laundry, dishes, polishing, etc.

I come on-time, in a discrete car with my own cleaning-supplies available, (and will happily use yours, if you prefer).

Please call or text me with questions or to schedule a visual estimate and discuss your specific needs.

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Last Wednesday Mercy came for three hours at the last minute. She did an amazing job. I couldn't believe how clean everything was! She picked things up and moved them around to clean thoroughly...not just around things. I would love to have her clean again. Great experience!


house cleaning

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This woman is unprofessional in returning your calls when she states she will and if she can't come exactly when she wants she goes against her word and then says she can't come anytime soon leaving you twisting in the wind. She has an unpredictable personality.


Great Work

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I hired Mercy to clean my house and she left with it looking great. Mercy showed up and got straight to work with very little instruction. She has since returned several times and each time she has been punctual and continued to provide great work. It's so nice to return home to a clean house.


Too long & foul language

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I asked her a few times if she had her own cleaning supplies since it was an empty house. She said yes but asked for a couple rolls of papers towels, newspaper, etc. She took 7 hours to clean 2(not 3) empty bathrooms (granted they had soap scum and tiny paint flecks on the floor)and vacuum the upstairs (4 bedrooms & 1 big room with bits of paper, etc. no dirt/sand & no stairs were done). I ended up cleaning most of the main floor including the kitchen myself. When I was in the other room talking to my young child I told my child "The mirror will chip, take it out" talking about a toy she was sliding between the mirrors. Anyway I hear Mercy in the other room loudly say is that!" I went in the other room & told her not to talk that way around my child. She said "Did you just say you want that chick out?" She was angry & very unprofessional. She apologized when I told her what I really said, but it was still unacceptable. I would not call her again.


Walls and Blinds Cleaning

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WOW!!! Mercy came to my house yesterday. She was on time, personable, brought her own supplies, and did an amazing job cleaning my walls, floor boards, and blinds! She was extremely thorough, and one of the hardest working individuals I've had contact with. The blinds were sparkling white and the cleanest they have ever been. Thanks Mercy!

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