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I offer a flexible schedule, including evenings and weekends, for an easy fixed rate of $19/hr.

On the first visit, I normally deep-clean, then rotate special attention to each room on the next scheduled cleanings; monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly, to keep your home or business looking its best.

One-time or occasional jobs are welcome.

Please feel free to request special cleaning jobs, such as laundry, dishes, polishing, etc.

I come on-time, in a discrete car with my own cleaning-supplies available, (and will happily use yours, if you prefer).

Please call or text me with questions or to schedule a visual estimate and discuss your specific needs.

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First, this is the best cleaner we've ever had. ABOUT HER HOURLY RATE:Now: At first I was nervous that she charged by the hour, thinking, "That could mean anything." Then she came, and here's how it works: (She cleans our house and my wife's store every 2 weeks). The first time she deep cleaned (which takes a little bit longer than later cleanings)and we paid her $20/hr. From then on we just pay the same amount every time. Sometimes we have left her an extra mess, and she has stayed a little longer, but never charged us extra. She keeps things really simple and reliable. IN THE END, WE SAVE HALF WHAT WE PAID 3 GIRLS TO DO. AND SHE DOES IT BETTER WITH NO HASSLE. She works for results, not like she's going through the motions. She always brings her own supplies, (except paper towels, of course). But we carry whatever she uses now so she doesn't have to, because she's the best. Highly recommend Mercy.

Always on time, every week

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Mercy cleans my shop and my office once a week. She's always on time and the place looks great. (I fired the last two cleaning service. Actually, the second crew just stopped coming.) By herself, she does a better job in a reasonable time, and saves me money on compared to the two girls who used to clean for me for $10/hr. The think I like best about Mercy is that she is trustworthy. She always comes on time, everything looks perfect, and I can leave cash, documents and personal info around and be completely confident. I gave her a key. I trust her. That is rare. Hire this woman.

Every Detail Every Time

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She deep cleans for me every two months, and maintenance cleans every other week. She is gets everything every time. I leave her a key and the house is always perfect. Bravo! She even polishes all the stainless steel things on my counter-top. Throws in nice touches without being asked. Barely seen. Barely heard. Smooth communication and on time. Just perfect

Best Service All Around

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I usually don't write these but I LOVE Mercy Cleaning. I can't tell you how hard it is for me to find someone who is reliable and reasonably priced. She is always on time and efficient. I never feel like I have to worry that things won't get done. Don't get anyone but her!

Fast and clean again and again.

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I own several housing units downtown, and have gone through almost as many cleaning services before I met Mercy. She takes care of all my properties, comes on time, and does an excellent job. She's also been very flexible with my sometimes last minute jobs, even working into the evening. I recommend her to you all.

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