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Mr. and Mrs. Claus are
back in town and ready to celebrate the holidays with you and your loved ones.

Are you ready to
experience the true spirit of the holiday season?   Then look no further!  This Santa has been bringing warmth, joy and
cheer to families for 17 years.   Santa is here to make your party everything
you want it to be.  Santa will do
anything from reading a story to singing songs. 
Most important – he will stay until each child gets a turn to sit on
Santa’s lap and ask for whatever their heart desires.   Santa’s helpers will pass out candy canes
(provided by Santa) and he would be happy to pass out presents (provided by
you).  Santa has an email, santaclausexpressmail@yahoo.com,
which can be used by you to give Santa an idea of what you’d like done at your
party and an estimate of how many will be there.  You can also send some “insider information”
if you’d like Santa to know things that only Santa could know (wink wink).  This email is first and foremost - for the
children.  We encourage them to send
Santa emails and he will respond as promptly as he can.  (His other job as a full time firefighter
keeps him busy.)

Prices are as follows:

Private - $75.00

Corporate - $100.00

This is a flat rate and
includes Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, his favorite elf(s) and candy canes. 

Santa and Mrs. Claus look
forward to bringing the Christmas magic to your party – so call or email
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