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We strive to be one of the most respected car customization centers in Utah County and beyond. With the highest level of quality that you can experience in our services, receiving one of our professional services is what will set us apart from others.

NoLimit Customs VotedĀ  Peoples Choice #1 Car Audio/Window Tint Shop in Utah County on Daily Heralds Best of Utah County.

NoLimit Customs Car Audio and Tint is

- The largest car audio and tint company in Utah County- with 8 bays and the coolest car audio room around.
- Having one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings and a reputation for quality workmanship and innovation.
- Creating a professional environment for both customers and employees.

We have lots of installers on hand to get you right in. Come see us at 1047 N. State ST. OREM


We also do Katzkin Leather kits, Window Tint, and Custom Fiberglass Fabrication.

Hours of Operations

Monday - Friday 10:00am - 6:00pm

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No Limit Customs

Offer code: The largest car audio and tint company in Utah County- with 8 bays and the coolest car audio room around.



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No one's perfect

by on

So-so...People have their good days and bad days. I've seen these guys at both ends. They are very pleasant to work with when they are in a good mood, but not quite as pleasant when they're having a bad day and in a very bad mood. I've been mostly pleased with the work they've done. They price themselves competitively. Of late, I have been willing to take my cars farther north to get work done. While it's a longer commute, I'm able to get some better deals for the same quality work.


No Limits equals NO warranty for my purchase

by on

Here it is 4 months later and still no contact from the owner about my problems, guess I can only conclude that they really don't care. And they do not give veterans any special treatment. I was 09 yrs. US Army 82nd Abn 13F3P, and they still jacked me... Stay away...


Owner made sure I got the best service

by on

No worries- Real turn around. Owner made sure he got it right for me. Takes special care of veterans.


Terrible Customer Service: Stay away.

by on

I've spent well over $4,000 at this place and was initially happy with their work and felt that the owner was a cool guy and did great work. Unfortunately after having work done a second time and spending $2,400 more dollars I was having issues with the product they installed. After calling and trying to figure out the issue, the manager blew up on me and accused me of disrespecting him. Which was then followed by a rage and asked me to come to the shop so we can settle this. Crazy, never in my life have I dealt with such unprofessionalism. This guy is costing that shop a lot of money. As long as that classy guy works at the shop I will never be returning, nor will I be sending any friends their way.


Worst place ever

by on

WARNING stay away. This is the worst place I have ever spent my money. The shop sent my JBL sub in to be repaired, it took almost 6 months. Finally when it came back they installed the sub and some custom top end speakers for my Camry but installed the wrong speakers in the doors. The sub did not even work so I returned the next day and they installed a loaner of the same kind and brand which was cool with me because they had to send my sub back to JBL again. When I brought it to the attention of the owner about them installing the wrong speakers he argued with me but had his employee look it up on the internet and when it was confirmed that I was correct the owner flew off and started yelling and cursing at me about my bad attitude. Told me to leave his shop. I was shocked at his attitude because I had been nothing but patient and polite over this whole ordeal. After following up with his slacker employees again, THEY LOST MY SUB. Wanted to give me a cheaper sub. NO WAY

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