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Old Fashion Service

(801) 466-5455

2221 E 3300 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84109

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A little fishy

by on

My car failed emissions at Performance Emission on state street, so I took it to old fashion to get looked at. Old fashion front desk told me they "made a bunch of adjustments, and cleaned everything out". They also retested my emissions for me, and my car passed. I was charged $100 for this. Out of curiosity, I used my free retest at performance emission, and the result hadn't changed from their first test. So old fashion's work made no difference when tested by an independent party. I basically got charged $100 for someone to finagle a passing emissions test for me (my vehicle failed idle hydrocarbon emissions at 710 rpm, old fashion's reported idle speed was over 1000). If they were going to just fudge the test anyway, why not just retest it using "their method" first before poking around the engine bay for an hour? why charge me for the work they said they did, (which they claim was the reason my car passed at their facility) which made no difference when tested by a 3rd party?

Disappointed: done with Old Fashion Service

by on

Max is a very nice guy, but his mechanics are unreliable. I've had to take different cars back several times for problems with their work. Max took care of them courteously, but I shouldn't have to check the work and most folks wouldn't notice if the work was done poorly. I just found that the water pump gasket on my Outback is leaking about 60k mls after they did the timing belt and pump. Early on I had to take the car back and leave it for repair when I noticed his mechanic broke the timing belt cover. A couple years ago the Subaru dealership told me I had a coolant leak from the water pump gasket. I left it at Old Fashion again to have it checked. Max told me it was the head gasket, not their work. My son's been driving the car until recently so I just got around to looking for myself and I see coolant is leaking where the pump bolts to the block. It's going to be a lot of work to repair and I'm not trusting it or my other cars to them again.