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LOW COST, RAPID RESPONSE AND REPAIR DONE AT YOUR HOUSE *Audi Specialist *Rebuilt Engine and Transmission *Check Engine Light *ABS Light *Airbag Light *Brakes *Shocks & Struts *Fuel Pumps *Water Pumps *Turbo *Electric Locks, Malfunctions ASE Certified on national and import.Phone numbers: Waldo (801)473-3688,  Shop (801)610-9737 and Chris (801)400-1783

The Diagnostic is FREE, if I do the job!!!!!!!  

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The Engine Whisperer

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Another mechanic misdiagnosed the problem and quoted me a ludicrously high price for the repair. New to the area, I found Waldo on KSL and decided I would give him a try. He showed up ontime, didn't trust the original diagnosis, performed a very unusual method of diagnosing the problem that I had never seen before, corrected the original mis-diagnosis and repaired the actual problem without fuss--and without reaching deeply into my wallet. Plus he was enjoyable to spend time with and was very polite and cordial. The repair has lasted several months now. I trust him and will have him repair all my vehicles without reservation.


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Waldo, is fantastic! I called Waldo, the evening before. My brakes were basically gone. He called me the next morning and showed up at my work with his portable "auto shop". He did all of my brake pads, replaced a roter and calipers. He explained everything to me from A-Z. I found him genuinely concerned about safety and THE BEST MECHANIC, I have experienced. He has vast experience and I feel very fortunate that I found him.

Not reliable, doesn't followup and doesn't respond to text or phone

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I called Waldo 1:30pm, made an appt for 430 to 5. He never showed up, never called, didn't respond to followup text or phone call rest of evening. I would not recommend this company. Flakey, not professional.

Total fraud

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This guy came to my house and looked at my Honda.told me first it would cost $330 to fix.gave him $60 advance.called him back 2 days later to come fix the car he told me it was some pump in the car that was broken and would cost way more than the initial quote.took the car to West Valley Auto repair and they fixed it, total cost $82..called this guy back for my money and he never replied..If you want a good cheap reliable mechanic go to West Valley auto repair..

Waldo is awesome mechanic

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On Call Mechanic. First, the concept of a mobile mechanic is brilliant. As a freelance writer who works from home, I found it incredibly convenient to be able to have Waldo come to me at home, so I didn't have to miss a beat when it came to my work. And from what I understand he will come to your office or other convenient location. But besides convenience, I found Waldo's prices to be outstanding. I have never in my life overestimated the price of car repair work, but I was very pleasantly surprised when I heard Waldo's total. From what he told me, he saves on overhead by not having a brick and mortar shop, so he can pass those savings along to his customers. He also did great work. Fixed our problem (where two other mechanics had not been able to) and gave us great advice on what to do in the future. Lastly, Waldo is just a really pleasant, professional, trustworthy guy and I felt great about having him at my home. As a woman home alone some of the time that is a big deal to me.

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