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LOW COST, RAPID RESPONSE AND REPAIR DONE AT YOUR HOUSE *Audi Specialist *Rebuilt Engine and Transmission *Check Engine Light *ABS Light *Airbag Light *Brakes *Shocks & Struts *Fuel Pumps *Water Pumps *Turbo *Electric Locks, Malfunctions ASE Certified on national and import.Phone numbers: Waldo (801)473-3688,  Shop (801)610-9737 and Chris (801)400-1783

The Diagnostic is FREE, if I do the job!!!!!!!  

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Waldo is awesome mechanic

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On Call Mechanic. First, the concept of a mobile mechanic is brilliant. As a freelance writer who works from home, I found it incredibly convenient to be able to have Waldo come to me at home, so I didn't have to miss a beat when it came to my work. And from what I understand he will come to your office or other convenient location. But besides convenience, I found Waldo's prices to be outstanding. I have never in my life overestimated the price of car repair work, but I was very pleasantly surprised when I heard Waldo's total. From what he told me, he saves on overhead by not having a brick and mortar shop, so he can pass those savings along to his customers. He also did great work. Fixed our problem (where two other mechanics had not been able to) and gave us great advice on what to do in the future. Lastly, Waldo is just a really pleasant, professional, trustworthy guy and I felt great about having him at my home. As a woman home alone some of the time that is a big deal to me.


Don't waste your time

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$65.00 diagnostic, horrible service Waldo has no idea what he's doing, I think he's watched to much gas monkey garage and now he thinks he's a mechanic. Don't waste your money call some one else

Owner response: Dear almost customer, It would be good if you put detail of your issue!The most important think is that you are happy!!!Remember you don't need to do any business with me.But the fact is.You did paid anything for my services!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!


Excellent mechanic...honest and knowledgable!

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Excellent mechanic...honest and knowledgable! Waldo was a pleasure to do business with. The motor in my Dodge died and Waldo went out of his way to find an economical solution and get me back on the road. I'll be recommending him to anyone looking for an honest, reliable mechanic. Thanks again Jake! Lance *****


I call him twice

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He promises to call you back and we'll be over today he never called back broken promises

Owner response: Dear Customers, Sometimes I am really busy and sometimes I am not that busy, is important to understand the business is managed by me and only me!!!I would love to help everybody every day, but it is not realistic, I apologize for the inconvenience.Thanks you!!!!


Told me the diagnostic would be free and wanted to charge $250.00 just to put freon in our car and we had already bought the freon

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He came out to our home to tell us why our air conditioner on our Lincoln Navigator was blowing hot. He had told me on the telephone that the diagnostic was free so I felt comfortable having him come out. After he got here he spent five minutes in the car running the air and said it just needed more freon. My husband told him we had a couple of cans in the garage and asked how much to just put them in. He tells him $250.00!!!! Really?? for a job that would take less than an hour (this is what we were told by the next mechanic we had out who did it for $50.00. AND we still had to give him the 65.00 for the five minutes he took to sit in our car with the air on! THE DIAGNOSTIC WAS NOT FREE APPARENTLY EITHER. DO NOT USE THIS MECHANIC HE IS CROOKED!!!!!!

Owner response: Dear one time customer when i worked in your SUB you had 2 cans of Freon and i used 3 of the ones i had, if you would checked the dealer you SUB used 7 cans, the $65.00 you paid was just to cover my Freon and just the fuel in my van you did not get charged for diagnostic or my time.That is the reason why you add only one more can of Freon.Thanks for your HELP!

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