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On Chord Academy provides music education for all ages. Personal lessons for guitar, voice, drums, bass, and ukulele. Fun and engaging private instruction that is linear and carefully builds upon each prior lesson.

  • Private one-on-one 30-minute lessons to learn & study at your own pace
  • Additional monthly 2-hour workshop that dives deeper into music study
  • Regular performance opportunities every 3 - 4 months
  • Structured cirriculum so students are well rounded on their instrument
  • Instructors that have music degrees and certificates (Univerity of Utah, Berklee College of Music, Salt Lake Community College, University of Northern Colorado)

Students learn to play the music they love while also studying cirriculum base on time tested methods.

The Three PPP's - Practice, Play, Perform: On Chord Academy's programs are built on three pillars: Practice, Playing, Performing. All instruction helps students learn how to play their instrument, learn how to properly practice for a life time of study, and give opportunities to perform and develop as a fully well rounded musician.

Free Begining Guitar & Drum Workshop: We offer a free 90-minute Begining Guitar or Drum Workshop that teach students all the fundamentals of their instruments. There is no obligation to continue taking private lessons, but the instruction is perfect for new students who are ready to start lessons.

Free Trial Voice Lesson: Interested in seeing what voice lessons are all about at On Chord Academy? Call us at 1-844-ON-CHORD to schedule a free trial voice lesson.

Hours of Operations

Monday - Thursday 3:00pm - 9:00pm
Saturday 10:00am - 2:00pm

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On Chord Academy

Free Begining Guitar Workshop

Details: 90-minute workshop teaching the fundamentals of playing the guitar

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My daughter has been playing for over two years and she has taken lessons from several instructors who provide group or individual lessons and the quality of teaching at Onchord Academy is beyond any other learning experience. They have instructors who teach everything from beginning guitar to advanced musical theory and since working with her instructor, Jordan, she has even started writing her own music. The value for the money, the expertise of the instructors and the rapport they have with their students is remarkable. These classes have helped my daughter advance musically beyond what I ever expected and it has also helped her overall confidence and self esteem. Jordan prepares a personalized lesson each week designed to teach her new skills and advance her level of playing. Every lesson is completely tailored to her and incorporates her interests and musical tastes. I feel that this is what really sets Onchord Academy apart.

Terrific Instruction

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My son has been attending since last spring, and absolutely loves guitar lessons. Jordan is very positive and fun and, best of all, I see so much progress in my son's playing. They also offer a master class on Wednesdays for a small fee and you can go and get extra practice but with an instructor there to help you. I would definitely recommend!

The best around.

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The friendly environment and individual attention each student gets is unique. The instructors are excellent musicians with extensive musical backgrounds. They work towards an individualized plan yet use a standard curriculum so you know that you will keep progressing instead of just spinning your wheels. It is hands down the best school in the area with instructors for all genres of music as well as students of all ages.

Guitar Lessone

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I have been taking lessons for about a month. As a 40 year old, I was concerned I would not be able to find a place that would be sensative to my work schedule and be able to accomodate my music tastes and goals. I was wrong. On Chord bent over backwards to meet my demand schedule and gave me a teacher that obviously knows his craft. Mike's lesson material teaches me practical guitar skills, and he has immediately started to give me challenging music that once mastered will allow me to play music that I will play for years to come. (Santana, Fleetwood Mac, Etc...) He has also been flexible enough to evaluate my skills so that I am not bored with rudimentary stuff I already understand. Each lesson is recorded on line so I can go back and review the lesson as needed. I couldn't be happier. Nathan

Our Guitar Lessons

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I just took my son here last night where he had a one on one lesson with Jordan so they could see where my son is at. I will say I appreciated Jordan's honesty. My son is 6 years old (they normally start kids at 8) so he gave me some great pointers and referred me to someone who could work with my son until he is a little older. During the lesson he taught my son what some of the things are called on the body of the guitar and by the end of the lesson my son could play twinkle, twinkle little star. For me the best tell of how a lesson of any type is to ask the person who just had the lesson (in this case my son) how the lesson was. Once we where in the car driving home I asked my boy, he answered, "I really liked it and I really want to keep doing it." As soon as my son is 8 I plan on returning. It was a great experience, they were nice, honest and very easy to work with, also their pricing is one of the best I've seen.

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