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Is all of that housework getting you down? Well we can help you get back up again! We will make your house look Great! Whatever you may need- Cleaning, Organizing, Dusting, Vacuuming or Deep Cleaning. My name is Keri, I live in the Woods Cross area and can travel to surrounding areas. We provide our own cleaning products or if you'd prefer we could use yours. I have 10 years experience with references. My fee is a flat $20.00 an hour (no transportation or hidden fee's applied). We are also a pet friendly company so give us a call at 801-603-8014!!

Hours of Operations

Monday - Friday 7:00am - 7:00pm
Saturday and Sunday 12:00pm - 5:00pm

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Not Exactly What I Expected...

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Made an appt. based on these reviews. I got a call 10 mins. prior to agreed time that she is two cities away looking for my address. I start thinking maybe not the detail oriented person I thought. Upon her arrival I find out that the promised 2 person team is now a 1 person team, OK no biggie but not exactly what I expected. It's a 1000 sq. ft. house that had been cleaned prior by my renter and needed some deep cleaning to make ready for new renters. I was quoted on the phone 2 people @ $20 hr. & 2 hrs. estimated 3 hrs. if it was really bad. At the house she looks over it & says she will need to clean it for 6 hours? Maybe somebody didn't want to lose the full quote? I question in my head, but hey the reviews said she does a great job. 5 hours later only the kitchen & living room done of a 1000 sq. ft. house??? 1 hr. and 15 min. later we are done? Except 3 bedrooms blinds never got cleaned, outside windows didn't get washed, and bedroom walls were not wiped? One time affair for sure!


clean home

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We are pleased with our experience with Keri. Her housekeeping services are professional and organized. We have been happy with her services for a little over a year and I love to come home to a clean house, I would recommend her.


Not Very Organized

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I unfortunately cannot review her work as she never showed up. She set an appointment, called first to move the time back on the same day, then called again a few hours later and said she had an "emergency" come up and would not make it. This type of service is not an "emergency" type of service. She didn't make me feel like I was important on her list and moved me as soon as a "better" job came along. I ended up taking the day off so I could do the work as I was trying to get the word done for my pregnant wife as a "thank you" for the hard work she does.


Great job

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I originally hired her to do the final cleaning of a trailer I was selling. She did so well I hire her to clean my house whenever it needs it bad enough. I give her big points for thoroughness. She gets the room top to bottom, like on top of the cabinets even. Good work and good price.


Cleaning quality

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I have used this service for several months now and the lady that owns and operates her business is absolutly wonderful to work with. Even after only being there a few times I had no problem letting her come into my home and clean with me not being present. The quality of her work is wonderful. It's nice to come home from work to the smell of a clean house. I have to comment on the previous review that had Keri drive far out of her way to clean just 2 bathrooms. I have to say I'd be a bit edgy myself but it sounds like Keri did a great cleaning job reguardless. To think you are going to do a 4 hour job then after arriving told you are only to clean 2 bathrooms is a bit inconsiderate of a persons time and expence.Keri was a bit late the first time she came to my place but only because it was the first there. Who doesn't have that happen? Since then she has been on time. Anyway, I would recommend this business to anyone who needs a good quality cleaning at a very reasonable price.

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