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"If you are looking for a company you can trust to handle your entire remodeling project, you could turn to a company I trust: Perry Newman Design. I trust them because we have investigated the way they do business, and we’ve talked to their customers. As a result, I am proud to endorse Perry Newman Design as Gephardt Approved." - Bill Gephardt

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Perry Newman Design 801-971-0868


Details: You hire us to remodel you kitchen and I'll buy the dishwasher....Perry

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Smart friendly guy

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Perry seemed very knowledgeable, friendly and it seems that he has lots of good experience.


The form and function with beautiful design touches!

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6 weeks after completion …. We LOVE the changes that we made to our home, and owe a big thank you to Perry Newman! Our decision to gut and update two bathrooms in our home began with some shopping for decorating ideas as well as someone to take charge to do the work. Along the way, while interviewing contractors we met Perry Newman, the designer who has a team of specialists who actually do the work. We knew what we wanted from a form and function standpoint but Perry looked at the spaces and made some material suggestions which we wouldn’t have come up with ourselves. The result? Amazingly beautiful changes to our home which draw accolades from visitors and are a source of delight for us every day! Yes there was a hiccup or two as the work was very complex. But Perry's craft people performed well and the end result is, incredible. Thanks Perry et. al.



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We are in the middle of our remodel. We are remodeling our kitchen.Perry has been a great pleasure to work with.So far the contractors have been a breath of fresh air.They have been on time, moved on the project quickly, and have cleaned their mess up in between.I would highly recommend perry newman and all of his contractors. thank you LeAnn and James Mabey


Perry Newman Design, Worry Free Remodeling!!!!

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Perry Newman design has been wonderful from start to finish. Turning our ideas into reality from an expert point of view. Perry understood what we had in mind and produced a great design for us. He efficiently dealt with building regulation, structural engineers and planners. He kept us fully updated and everything was completely stress free. I can not recommend Perry enough for his approachable and professional service. There was nothing to difficult or too much trouble for Perry to handle! S.Edmunds, SLC


Hire Perry Newman and You Won't Become A Remodeling Horror Story!

by on

I did my first home remodeling project with Perry Newman about 6 years ago. Since then, I have done 3 more projects with Perry, and we are in the planning stage today for 2 more. I wouldn’t dream of doing a remodel without Perry guiding the ship through the minefields of design and construction. When you first meet with Perry, he takes your vague ideas that are difficult to articulate and he makes them real. You listen to his initial ideas and thoughts and say “that’s what I was thinking,” and when he presents you the final design, you’re saying “that’s even better.” Then, it’s time to actually do the remodel. Perry knows the best subcontractors for the job. The project starts on time and finishes on time. All along the way, Perry is keeping you up to date on the progress, schedule and what’s next. When things don’t go right, Perry fixes them. And all I have to do is keep one phone number on speed-dial: Perry’s. MJB, Park City


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