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Serving Salt Lake, Utah County, Weber/Davis, Northern Utah, Uintah Basin, Central Utah areas

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Awesome service!!

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Pooch Duty is just amazing! I couldn't ask for a better service. I feed my large pack of dogs high quality raw Stella and Chewy's dog food, which is a hard brand of dog food to find in Utah county. Luckily, Pooch Duty carries it AND delivers it to your door for free! Not only that, but they carry most major brands of food, especially the holistic ones. I love that I have someone local that can deliver me my dog food whenever I need it for free. They are a very timely, professional, organized, and trustworthy company. No need to waste your time and money at the big pet food stores with these guys around!

Excellent service & great prices

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Pooch Duty has been awesome for us. I have a bad back so bending over to poop scoop my yard and carry my dog & cats food around, is impossible these days. I simply love getting my pets food delivered to my doorstep, it makes things so much easier for us. Because of my dogs allergy issues it is great to have the quality and selection of food that Pooch duty offers and at prices far below what I would have to pay otherwise, even without adding in the gas expense to get to a pet store. I highly recommend this company to all my friends and family! Thanks Pooch Duty!

Very satisfied -- great prices & a 'must have' service

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I'm really happy with my Pooch Duty services! It's so nice to not have to run to the store all the time for my 3 dogs. I work long hours so it saves me time and it's so convenient. I set my delivery schedule up for every 3 weeks, so their food shows up at my door automatically and on schedule. I've adjusted my delivery frequency schedule so now it's spot on! It does save me time and the prices can't be beat. Oh, and it's great not to have to pick up after my dogs anymore! My yard now stays clean - and they even go the extra mile and pick up trash that flies into my yard. I highly recommend Pooch Duty.

Great Local Company!

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This company does a really good job - good prices and personal delivery is so nice since I can't lug the big bag of food around and never looked forward to it. I'm saving about $20/mo and I don't have to go get it so I really appreciate that. Very cool service