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 Polished Image was started in 1986 in Murray, Utah. Polished Image is one of Utah's best and only stand alone auto detail shops in Utah. Sine 1986 Auto Detailing has evolved into a business that is not only for the dealers in the great state of Utah but for the individual car owners who are looking to restore, clean or just get a car wash for there automobile.

In 2010 Polished Image relocated to the Automall in Sandy, Utah in order to make way for a new dealership in Murray, This move has been great and in order to better serve our customers we opened a few more auto detailing stores along the Wasatch front.

In 2011 Polished Image took on windshield replacement and opened a new store in Salt Lake City, Utah. This new addition to our company has been introduced because our customers asked for it.

Polished Image understands that we can not make everyone happy but we will try our best to do so. If you are any one would like to learn more about our services stay a awhile and check out the new redesigned website.

Thank You for choosing Polished Image for you automobile needs.

Hours of Operations

Monday 8:00pm - 5:00pm
Tuesday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday 8:00am - 1:00pm

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Worst customer service i've ever dealt with

by on

I brought my motorcycle gas tank in to be painted, he quoted be $50 so i thought what a steal! Ivan(the manager) told me it would be one week. So one week goes by and i go to pick up my tank... the paint was dry, places had been sanded and not buffed, it just looked terrible, he told me he would repaint it and he apologized. All was well, i went to pick it up for the second time, and was told it was not done... and it would finally be done in 2 days.. so after going in for the THIRD time, it was done. I was not happy so i asked if they could do anything to the price, and all i got was a very heated argument, and in fact ivans son said "you can B**ch all you want but we arent changing the price". So overall terrible customer service never once answered my phone calls, no one is ever in the lobby, and being yelled at by a manager because "the work they did is amazing" when it truly was not, they swear at their customers and do nothing to help. ABSOLUTE WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER SEEN!

employer of the year

by on

The Murray location I worked for bounced three of my paychecks. And still owes me a paycheck this has been since May 2014. Still nothing Cameron over there is a piece of work for sure. I'm not the only one he has done this to. It hurt me and my family very much and are still trying to work our way back from this. The sad part of all this is he doesn't care at all about the people he hurt behind his actions.


by on

These other reviews cannot be for real! Because after our terrible experience, many others told us theirs was awful at Polished Image, too. Going to Polished Image with our Audi 2 days before a major car show in Vegas was the worst decision of our lives!!! They burned the edges of the hood of my husband's show car, we had to hurry and get it repainted before the car show which was in Vegas in 2 days, they left wax all over the place in every crevice of the car & we ended up having to buff it out ourselves, did the sloppiest detailing job ever, quoted us $200 and it ended up being $400, and to top it all off, my credit card # was stolen the same day I had gone there (and I hadn't used it anywhere else) and there was a $20 CAR WASH charge among the fraudulent charges. Coincidence? I think not. Our friends laughed so hard when they saw how awful our car looked after we paid a little under $400 at Polished Image. DON'T GO THERE.

Very pleased

by on

Not being one who gets his car detailed, I only went to Polished Image because my wife got a good deal on the detailing service. I came away very impressed with their work and their customer service. I also drove away thinking that I would use them again. Based on the first sentence of this review, that is a big compliment!

Glass Replacement

by on

Quick & Amazing - even washed & vacuumed my car