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Online Coaching - $149/month - Weekly in person check-ins, exercise and nutrition programs

Personal Training - $45 for 50 mins, $25 for 30 mins.

Hybrid Training - Online coaching and one personal training session a week - $250/month

Nutritional and Exercise Consulting - $50 for 1 hour

Out-Call Sports/Rehab Massage - $75 for 50 mins

More Info at our Website

For appointments call Rob and Stacey Gibson - (385) 351-9977

Instagram: @PremierFitnessMassage @Stace_Gibson

Rob Gibson

*11 years experience as a personal trainer

*10 years of experience in physical therapy

*Massage Instructor with Broadview University

*University educated in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition at the U of U

*Specializes in working with clients who have injuries

Stacey Gibson

*NPC and an NGA Natural Figure Competitor.

*Mother of four boys, she has a drive to help women, especially mothers, gain confidence in their bodies.