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Our systems have been developed over many years of our own property ownership. The short version is we have been and are property owners ourselves. Everything we do has been tried and tested with a vast amount of experience. Our people and our systems have been developed for you and for your benefit. From our next generation marketing of your property to advanced tenant screening systems to our unequaled owner communications, you always receive the most advanced professional service which results in your total satisfaction.
Please contact us now to begin the best relationship you could ever have with your property manager.

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Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm

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Terrible management company after manager change in 2014

by on

Eddye used to be the manager and was great to work with, but the new owner/manager had terrible customer service and had not dealt well with problems that have come up at my property. The worst part about it, is she has not been completely honest with me--either she has changed the story about what happened with an emergency plumbing situation or she failed to tell me important details at the beginning. Even from the very beginning, it seemed like she was avoiding communicating with me at all costs. When she has communicated with me, it has been through email despite many requests to be contacted by phone (she doesn't answer me calls) and it seems as she is trying to do just enough or say just the right thing to make me satisfied but doesn't actually solve any problems. Disregard reviews from before 2014 because this company has completely changed with the new franchise owner/property manager.

Worst company to work with

by on

This is by far the worst company I have ever worked with. We lived in our home for almost 2 years and they never got better. They only got worse. They never responded to us and if they did it was rude and short. They took money out of our deposit with our informing us of what the fees were for. They were very rude in emails back an forth. They have the worst customer service I have ever dealt with.

PMI was a nightmare!

by on

We hired PMI to manage a small rental property. It was a complete nightmare. It took days or even weeks to get a response when we tried to contact them with questions or problems. They caused us more problems with our rental than they solved.

Great Company to Work With

by on

What a nice change to actually have a property management company that works with you for a change. PMI of Utah has been that company for me, I appreciate their comment to me.

Property Management Incredible!

by on

I think Property Management Inc is Incredible! For the first time I feel I'm getting what I pay for in a property manager. Real time reporting, prompt replies to my inquiries, quick and professional leasing, and great people.

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