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Not only do we completely kill mold, bacteria, viruses and other harmful microbials, we prevent them from future growth. 

Using our patented "dry-fog" technology, along with our non-toxic and EPA approved chemicals, we are able to completely solve your mold problem in a matter of a few hours. We take extensive tests before and after and send those tests to independent labs to verify that the mold has been killed. Because the fog is "dry," homeowners don't have to worry about moving anything out of the home, even electronics, while it is being serviced. This also allows us to get to hard to reach places where mold may be present such as behind walls, through insulation, carpet, attics and crawl spaces. Places other mold remediation companies would charge thousands and thousands of dollars to service. 

We provide service to individual home owners, businesses, and REAL ESTATE AGENTS LOVE US! If you are a real estate agent, we would love to bring your office lunch and let you know exactly how our product and service will be a huge benefit to you and your clients!

Together with our partners, Pure Maintenance, PURE Solutions is revolutionizing the way people approach mold remediation. So stop worrying about that mold that keeps showing up in that bathroom. Don't let that musty odor in the basement continue to raise questions if you have mold or not. Stop living with the stuffy sinuses and unexplained headaches. Contact PURE Solutions today and start to LIVE PURE!

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Fantastic and Financially Feasible!

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Despite all the Fs, I give these guys high marks. The real estate agent I work for had a home on the market with serious mold issues. The seller refused to increase their budget to cover the costs other contractors were requiring. While other traditional mold removal bids were between $5,000 to $11,000 for the home, Pure Solutions quoted us $950. The seller was happy and the new buyer had one less repair on his list! Best kept secret!