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Quality Vinyl Fence is Utah's top quality low priced vinyl fence supplier and installer.

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Not impressed - AT ALL!

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I was asked by a family member to help a friend install his fence and called the company simply to make sure the material ordered was what we needed to do the job (as I have over a decade of experience and worked for one of the largest vinyl companies in Idaho). Before anything was even mentioned about the install, the owner proceeded to tell me that I had no clue what I was doing, accusing me of doing something illegal, and that this persons property would now be watched and he could be fined. He also said he would not honor the warranty on the material if we installed it. He went on and on, so I eventually hung up. Who knew DIY jobs were now illegal. I will NEVER use this company! After reading other reviews, sounds like this has happened to several other people - who yells at potential buyers? I had to tell the friend of the family I couldn't help him because there was a lunatic threatening to fine him for having me install it. Wasn't worth the time or energy to do otherwise.

Owner response: You are a non licensed contractor and have never done business with you! You are just mad because you are not able to scam your friend out of money for poor work you were about to perform. Our goal was to protect our customers from crooks like you! DOPL has you on a list for contracting without a license. Beware of this non licensed contractor!


Fine fence....poor treatment and communication

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Good price for the materials. We made a few calls to them to get instructions on how to install, followed them exactly. We ended up needing longer railings as a result. No big deal, but not our mistake. Important note: we never received any contact regarding payment. Never. We finally called them to pay, (left a message and received a call back later) and were surprised to learn the total was more than our invoice stated. We questioned this and were yelled at, threatened with a 'lien' on our house, and told we were 'wasting his time.' To avoid further confrontation we just paid the bill and that was the end of it. The difference in cost was not great, and we were shocked at the way our honest confusion at what we were being charged was handled. Pros: Good fence, good price for DIY Cons: Lack of communication

Owner response: If your order is different that the original order, don't expect to not be billed for it. Please read your contracts. You pay for what you order. Do it yourself means do it your self! If you don't know how to do it yourself, hire a professional.


Great company

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I would recommend this company. They are very clean and professional. I expected to have the lawn tore up some for installation, but instead they hand dug the holes. The fence looks great, no gaps at the bottom. Very happy with their work.


Overall, beautiful fence and good experience

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They gave us a competitive bid & were willing to come down to Ephraim to get the job done. We have a .5 acre lot, and they got all the posts set one day, and came back 2 weeks later & finished the entire project very quickly. I had about a million questions & Terry was kind enough and patient enough to answer all of them, and he kept his word in the end. We've had our fence completed for 1 week now, and it looks terrific! We are very happy with it & the price, which is all that matters to me in the long run. Honestly, the only concerns I had was (1) communication with scheduling (I had to call to see if they were really coming when we thought they were), (2) one crew member was a jerk to me (but apologized before he left), (3) after they were finished, the bill was higher than the original agreement/contract, but Terry was very honest with me & kept his word and we were able to easily work it out. So, overall we had a great experience & are very happy with our new fence! Worth 5 stars.


Great Service.

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We just want to thank Matt & Justin with Quality Vinyl Fence for being so professional. We are extremely happy with their work. We were in a time crunch over the Thanksgivimg weekend. We were concerned that the job would not be finished. They promised it would be done. They came Thankgiving day to hang the gate which made the job complete. I just don't know if another Company would do that. Thank you a million times.

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