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Quality Vinyl Fence is Utah's top quality low priced vinyl fence supplier and installer.

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Save yourself the headache

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Stan came to bid my project & seemed knowledgeable. I walked the property with him & watched him take his measurements. At that time we bid our fence going to the sidewalk.I took out a building permit & was told the fence needed to be 5 feet in from the sidewalk by the city. I immediately called Quality to let them know that the footage would be a little less. It took over 2 weeks for my fence of less then 200 square feet to be completed. Things were not done when I was told they would be & there was always an excuse. My final invoice was for more footage then the original bid even though the fencing was reduced by 5 feet per the city. Obviously there was a mistake with the bid or the invoice. When I talked to Terry in the office he was extremely rude & argumentative. He cut me off when I was trying to explain the footage difference & he is very condescending. I have NEVER dealt with anyone as unprofessional. If I treated my customers like he treated me, I wouldn't have a job.


I would suggest changing your name..

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Did a great job on the install... Latches (all 3) are not functional within 6 months and "Quality" Vinyl keeps blowing us of ***** "Too busy" to come visit. No returned calls, and worse: saying they will "come today before 5" and never showing up, calling, etc... If you don't mind a company that refuses to stand behind their product, choose Quality Vinyl. Just don't take their name too seriously. Before the owner or reputation manager responds here with some defensive paragraph like they have on many / please check your records. This has been a terrible experience. Stay away.


Went with my gut

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After doing our homework and getting a number of bids from various fencing companies and contractors we decided to go with Quality Vinyl Fence based on three factors. 1- Stan, who gave us the bid was very knowledgeable and kind. He made us feel very comfortable. 2- The price was unbeatable. 3- Zero money down. They kept there promise and finished on time despite some weather issues. While doing my homework I came across some negative reviews and was a bit concerned. I addressed them with both Stan and Terry and they reminded me there was always two sides to the story. I was assured that if at anytime I was not happy through the process they would address it right away. I went with my gut feeling and could not be happier. Whom ever reads this and has any concerns regarding the negative reviews, please spend some time talking to Quality Vinyl Fence. Get the whole story and do not believe everything you read. THANK YOU GUYS FOR THE "QUALITY" YOU PROVIDED One happy customer! Evan

Owner response: Thank you Evan! A pleasure to work with you!


NEVER Use Quality Vinyl!!!

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We had an appointment for Tuesday to start our fence. They didn't start until Friday. They never called to tell us they couldn't keep the appt, we had to call them to be told everyday 'Tomorrow'. They also broke our sprinkler line (which I discovered on my own) and was told they would fix it. They also tried to tell us we would be charged extra because of the rocks in our yard because it was 'in the contract' until I reminded them we were told there would be no extra charge under the 'Neighborhood Account' we used. We were then told the gates would be put in by the 'gate guy'. It has been a full week since the fence was finished. We were told the gates would be done yesterday, then today. Still no gates, and no fixed sprinkler line. I finally fixed the sprinkler line myself. My wife contacted the company and expressed our displeasure. They reply? 'Today's not over, the gates will be done today.' It's now 7 pm and still no gates.

Owner response: We at Quality Vinyl Fence strive to install in a timely manner! We ask for no money down until completion. We can not work with power tools in the Rain. Check your dates, it rained the entire week, therefore we could not finish your job. Your job is complete as promised.


Not impressed - AT ALL!

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I was asked by a family member to help a friend install his fence and called the company simply to make sure the material ordered was what we needed to do the job (as I have over a decade of experience and worked for one of the largest vinyl companies in Idaho). Before anything was even mentioned about the install, the owner proceeded to tell me that I had no clue what I was doing, accusing me of doing something illegal, and that this persons property would now be watched and he could be fined. He also said he would not honor the warranty on the material if we installed it. He went on and on, so I eventually hung up. Who knew DIY jobs were now illegal. I will NEVER use this company! After reading other reviews, sounds like this has happened to several other people - who yells at potential buyers? I had to tell the friend of the family I couldn't help him because there was a lunatic threatening to fine him for having me install it. Wasn't worth the time or energy to do otherwise.

Owner response: You are a non licensed contractor and have never done business with you! You are just mad because you are not able to scam your friend out of money for poor work you were about to perform. Our goal was to protect our customers from crooks like you! DOPL has you on a list for contracting without a license. Beware of this non licensed contractor!

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