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Like everything else, blinds get dirty. When faced with the chore of cleaning blinds, most people do not know what to do. Conventional methods simply do not work. Hosing a blind down and scrubbing it in the bathtub is a time consuming, tedious process that is limited in results and can cause a tremendous amount of damage to the blind... not to mention a huge mess. Dusting only moves the dirt from side to side, creating static electricity in the process that ultimately attracts more dirt. Household cleansers can remove paint and stain blinds. Power washing and steam cleaning can ruin the blind surface.

Only ultrasonic cleaning can prevent scratching, pitting or damage to blinds. Only ultrasonic cleaning can clean the entire blind including the slats, cords, ladders, tapes and headrail. Only ultrasonic cleaning can clean all types of blinds including wood blinds, fabric blinds, aluminum blinds, plastic blinds and more.

We are located in South Jordan, and we do everything by appointment only.

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Rally's Blind Cleaning And Repairs

***$8.00 Non Wood Special***

Details: Valid for Non Wood- Horizontal Blinds using our drop off service and your blinds are under 7 (W) x 6 (H). All sizes can be cleaned but we charge a little bit more. That is ONLY $8 a blind!! That is a $4.00 savings per blind When you compare, you will see we are a FLAT size, vs others charging for each string, and the price gets bigger when the blind does.

Reviews (58)

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Fantastic Service

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Highly recommend these guys for blind service. My 15 year old blinds look brand new now. Price is very reasonable, friendly , fast service. Can't say enough about how happy we were with our experience here.


Condo Mini Blinds - Trash to Flash

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Rally's did an amazing job cleaning the metal mini blinds in our condo. I don't think they had ever been professionally cleaned before. They looked terrible, now they look amazing and just makes our windows and home look and feel so much more clean. Highly recommend and will use again. Tell them Paul sent you.


Beautiful Blinds!

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Our blinds had not been cleaned for over 5 years...and even then, we had tried to do them ourselves and they never turned out very clean. After having renters in our home, and before we put the home on the market to sell, we found Rally's. They were able to work around our crazy schedule and the blinds came out BEAUTIFUL! Highly recommend calling RALLY'S if you want your blinds cleaned and repaired right!


The only way to clean your blinds!

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I decided to clean my blinds myself because I did not know there was any other way to get them clean. I let them soak in the bathtub and then my husband had to hold them up while I scrubbed them and then we had to jimmy rig a drying rack in the basement. My muscles were sore from scrubbing so much and though the 2 small sets I finished were cleaner, they were still not perfect. I was totally discouraged. A few days later my husband told me about Rally's and we made an appointment to have them cleaned professionally. Having them cleaned by Rally's is worth every penny. They were super easy to work with and all of my blinds are sparkly clean after just a few hours. I will definitely use Rally's again.


blind cleaning and repair

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I had planned to buy new blinds for the whole condo when I found Rally's. Not only did they clean my blinds but fixed broken parts as well, and all at a very reasonable price. Cleaning and repair costs me less than 1/2 buying new ones would have cost. I will use them again.

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