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Guaranteed you will never have better customer service than here. What sets us apart is we know how hard people work for their money, and we know the last thing people want to spend their money on is car repairs. We have a 100% satisfaction rate. Come see why our awesome customers drive from Wyoming, Nevada, Idaho, and all over Utah. We make customers for a lifetime. We stand behind our work and only build transmissions that are better than stock. We have over 32 years’ “combined experience” in all things transmission related including electrical systems diagnostics. All transmissions are not built equal.

We can build your transmission stock with all the critical updates or build your transmission heavy duty for towing, racing, or extreme duty use (one stop for diesel truck performance transmissions, built for the customer that can’t seem to find shoes without lead in them!).

CALL NOW FOR PRICING! First# 435-228-6619 Second#801-884-9310

If your going to build the best diesel transmissions you have to live it. We are heavily involved with tractor pulls and drag racing, most diesel trucks we service are 700+HP we know what it takes to make them handle the high power. We also have awesome cooler packages to enhance the cooling capability for hard towing with high horse power!

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Monday - Friday 8:00am - 6:00pm

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Terrible service, terrible customer care and ahuge waste of money

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Randy towed my truck originally in 2015 and began working on issues involving the transmission. After 3 weeks of not having my vehicle I got it back just to find the same issue was persistent. So I turned around same day and brought my truck back in. Waited 2 weeks to get my truck back this time with supposedly a new clutch. I purchased a different vehice and parked thetruck with a bad trans in my brothers driveway for the winter hoping to fix some of the other issues. 3 months of sitting my transmission began to do the same thing as it always had since the beginning. So out it went to Randy's again where I got told it was a master cylinder and they wanted over 300 to change it out. Needless to say I changed the master and slave cylinder both for under 100 just to end up with it still doing the same thing. The issue still has not been fixed and Randy refuses to work with it anymore. Claims its not his fault, they never looked at the transmission, only the clutch so now I am hosed

Owner response: Thousands and thousands of 5 star customers that have recived 5 star service from us. I will do anything for a good customer in or out of warranty. I should have known better after the first time we talked then to try and help you out. 1 star customers get 1 star service. Call me up and be a rude, entitled, disrespect person don't expect my help especially almost a year out of warranty.

Great products and service

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I had a high horsepower transmission built by a company in Boise, Id. I paid a lot of money, and it didn't work from the get go. I broke down on the way to a business delivery to a customer in Arizona when the trans finally gave out only 3k miles on it. Randy and his guys went out of there way to get my truck fixed and get me back on the road. I finally took my transmission back to have it properly fixed after the builder company wouldn't do anything for me about fixing it. Once again Randy and the guys fixed it up for a great price, and I could keep my business going. I recommend them above any other shop, hands down.

!!!!!!!Are you sitting down?!!!!!!

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I've had my Transmission Built by Randy Twice!I haul Heavy Trailers Long distance! The first Transmission I didn't think I needed all the upgrades. I was wrong! After pulling a little over 70,000 Heavy hard miles My Transmission went out! when it did I happened to be on Vacation with my family! Fear of a tow truck Repair shop ripping me off, I called Randy to get his opinion. He said "Not to worry, I will be down (195 miles) with a new Transmission". I thought to myself "Holy COW, to have a person offer such a thing was unbelievable. It was early Sunday morning after a snow storm that he arrived at the wreaking yard where my truck and trailer had been pulled. he then built a transmission on his back in the melting snow just to get me and my family back on the road! again "HOLY COW" he said he felt bad that my tranny went south and I was stranded. Are you kidding me!? My wife and I were so happy. Randy Installed the toughest, most bullet proof Transmission. from my family, Thank you!!


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Randy was absolutely incredible. He stuck with my Audi RS6 and finished it perfectly. If he can do the transmission on my car, he will have no problem doing yours, believe me. Totally honest and trustworthy, my car will never go anywhere else.

Look No Further!

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Absolutely the best automotive repair shop! I live in Draper, and I had a friend refer me to Randy's Transmission. I would drive to Idaho for this guy. He has the expertise and certifications of a dealer mechanic, but the pricing of a small shop. After rebuilding my transmission, and saving me thousands, I had another issue with a sensor in my engine. When I took it to him again, upon learning of a funeral that I had to go to, he offered his own vehicle! That is service, but more importantly, that is the way to live your life! Thank you very much Randy. Customer for life, and will continue to refer others to your shop!

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