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I will diagnose and fix a simple problem for $50 in the Salt Lake area. I have over 28 years as an Appliance Service Technician.

I repair all major brand appliances.

Refrigeration Specialist, I am refrigeration certified for Type 1 and Type 2 refrigerants.

Service after 5PM and weekends OK.

I carry the most common appliance parts with me.

I work with property management companies and multiple property owners.

I'm honest and reliable.

All work guarantied.

References are available.

If you have any questions or would like advise about an appliance repair, contact me by phone or email me at

Also see my Ricks Appliance Repair Facebook page for lots of good information, helpful advise, and repair videos.

Certified Refrigeration Specialist. References Available

Hours of Operations

Monday - Sunday 8:00am - 6:30pm

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I REPEAT...DO NOT CALL RICK. I hired him to replace a condensing unit in a wine refrigerator. He replaced it and did not install a Freon fill port. The refrigerator quit cooling after a few months and he avoided me like the plague. He is a poor business man and a incompetent repair man. He says he guarantees his work, HE WILL AVOID YOUR CALLS AND TEXTS ! Does not stand behind his repairs, HE WILL AVOID YOUR CALL AND TEXTS ! DON'T TRUST HIM, HE WILL LEAVE YOU HANGING AND IT WILL COST YOU MORE FROM ANOTHER APPLIANCE REPAIR BECAUSE OF HIS SHABBY WORK !

Really knows his stuff!

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Rick Burton really knows his stuff! Highly recommended.

Do not call Rick!!! He is a no-show!!!

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I'm a reasonable customer.. I don't mind waiting if someone can be respectful enough to call and tell me they are running late.. I called Rick this morning and told him my fridge needed repair. He had me text him my model number and address, told me he would be by between 1:00 and 3:00. After 5:00 I text him and asked if he was still coming by. He did not respond. My husband called and he did not answer. I should have read the reviews. It seems as if this is a trend for him. So here I am.. One more day with a broken refrigerator wondering who to call tomorrow...

Above and Beyond

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I got Rick's name from a friend and called late this evening not expecting a call back until tomorrow. He did call and walked me through what the problem might be - instructed me on what to listen for and what areas to check on my fridge. He diagnosed the problem over the phone and gave me prices. When I explained I would have to think about it because I had lost my job last week he offered to come over right away. His original diagnosis was correct - motherboard was bad. Instead of making me wait to order a new one, and knowing my situation with having to pay for a new one, he offered to try a fix that he said he normally wouldn't try and might not work. He spent time soldering the damaged motherboard and it is now working. He saved me from having to put my food outside for the night (I'd already lost almost everything in the freezer) and relieved my stress of how I was going to pay for an expensive repair, charging only for the visit and 'simple' repair.

Washer Repair

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Called Rick out to repair our washer, he said it sounded like certain gadgets and then he replaced them and left our washer taken apart after it still didn't work, he said he would find me a used agitator and I had to call him repeatedly, no communication, then he got an attitude and said no repair guy would do all that I've done for you, but yet when he arrived here to fix it, my washer semi-worked and now it's taken apart.....So we paid him for taking our washer apart......Never again

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