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Hi I'm Thomas Grove, PT, FNC.

I'm a weight loss specialist, certified personal trainer, certified fitness nutrition coach and owner of Amplified Fitness. I help my clients whip their bodies into shape in the shortest amount of time possible with a progressive training program paired with a specific nutrition protocol. Amplified Fitness is a private training facility with unique equipment specific to burning the most amount of calories possible and boosting your metabolism.

At Amplified Fitness you will find a motivational, private & non Intimidating atmosphere. Substantially different and dynamic than a commercial gym. No gym memberships, fees, contracts, gym crowds, or egos. Personal Fitness Training

1.Do you want to get into better shape?

2.Do you have any fitness goals?

3.Would you like to lose weight at an optimal pace?

4.Can I help make your workouts be more efficient?

Amplified Fitness implements state of the art methods in fitness today.  I dedicate myself to ensure consistent progress through the use of functional training, nutrition, strength training, muscular endurance, flexibility and cardiovascular health.

Every program involves:

1.Individually customized routines with your trainer for specific goals.

2.Exercises for the days you’re not with your trainer or “non-trainer” day

3.Nutrition tracking, guidance, and support

4.Free Monthly Results tracking: body fat, weight, measurements, fitness improvements.

Call today to set up a free consultation.

Thomas Grove




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Terrible customer service

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Thomas was very nice and welcoming on the phone, however once I got there to talk about pricing it was much different than what he had originally quoted me. He also tried the up sale on me and seemed annoyed when I did not take the bait. However, because I did like the program and as willing to give it a shot, I did sign on for one month at $199.00 per month plus and $80.00 “teaching” fee (2 lessons @ $40.00 each). I showed up for the first teaching class (instructed by another trainer), Thomas completely ignored me and made me feel unwelcome. Because of the required legally binding paperwork I had to sign I am in it for a month at least. Bottom-line…I want to be comfortable at a gym that I know I am welcome at and I want to be able to trust my trainer. Paying out money for this kind of treatment does not seem right. I would not recommend.


Awesome Trainer!

by on

Thomas helped me achieve my goals and surpass them. I first started working with Thomas as I had a lot of back pain and wanted to strengthen my back to avoid additional surgeries. In the short time I worked with Thomas I saw a dramatic improvements in my overall strength and appearance. I was impressed with his knowledge of weight training exercises that worked around my back problems. His knowledge is nutrition was also very helpful in achieving my goals.


Awsome Trainer

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I took personal lessons with Thomas for the first three months of 2014 and my fitness levels have improved drastically. I have lost significant weight while dramatically improving my strength and endurance at the same time. Thomas also gave me the education and tools to be successful on my own moving forward. I have transitioned to the group classes at his gym and I am loving it. I would highly recommend Thomas to anyone looking to meet their health and fitness goals.


Amplified Fitness Review

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Thanks to Amplified Fitness, I am really changing my life for the better. With the great workouts and killer diet recommendations, I have truthfully never felt better. The workouts are fun and I can still eat healthy and enjoy some outstanding food!


Loving seeing my dress size drop!

by on

I love Amplified Fitness! I am losing weight and dropping in dress sizes! I can't wait for my high school reunion to get into the dress size I was in back in high school, highly recommended!!

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