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Hi I'm Thomas Grove, PT, FNC.

I'm a weight loss specialist, certified personal trainer, certified fitness nutrition coach and owner of Amplified Fitness. I help my clients whip their bodies into shape in the shortest amount of time possible with a progressive training program paired with a specific nutrition protocol. Amplified Fitness is a private training facility with unique equipment specific to burning the most amount of calories possible and boosting your metabolism.

At Amplified Fitness you will find a motivational, private & non Intimidating atmosphere. Substantially different and dynamic than a commercial gym. No gym memberships, fees, contracts, gym crowds, or egos. Personal Fitness Training

1.Do you want to get into better shape?

2.Do you have any fitness goals?

3.Would you like to lose weight at an optimal pace?

4.Can I help make your workouts be more efficient?

Amplified Fitness implements state of the art methods in fitness today.  I dedicate myself to ensure consistent progress through the use of functional training, nutrition, strength training, muscular endurance, flexibility and cardiovascular health.

Every program involves:

1.Individually customized routines with your trainer for specific goals.

2.Exercises for the days you’re not with your trainer or “non-trainer” day

3.Nutrition tracking, guidance, and support

4.Free Monthly Results tracking: body fat, weight, measurements, fitness improvements.

Call today to set up a free consultation.

Thomas Grove


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I feel great and look great

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I have nothing but great things to say about Thomas Grove and Amplified Fitness. I have been working out with Thomas for over 12 months now and have lots 20 pounds and have made tremendous strides in my strength conditioning. I'm an avid online researcher and I did a ton of homework before I even met with Thomas. His online reviews were stellar so I thought I'd give him a shot. I was a member at Lifetime Fitness and really never had to discipline or knowledge on how to properly work out. I've used trainers at different gyms and never felt they had an interest in my results. Thomas on the other hand did care about my progress and pushed me way beyond what I thought was possible. I went to Thomas not just looking to lose weight, but to change my lifestyle in nutrition and exercise routines. He has excelled in every aspect of my training. I feel great, look great and am very grateful to have met Thomas. Thank you Thomas, you will always get my personal referrals!

Finally found something that works.

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I have only been training with Thomas at Amplified Fitness for about 3 weeks now, but in these last three weeks I have learned more about nutrition and fitness than I have ever learned on my own. I have always been a yo-yo dieter and put myself on restrictive diets that of course weren't sustainable for a long period of time. I would always gain the weight back and start the dreadful cycle all over again. Thomas has taught me amazing ways to eat what I want within reason and still be able to lose weight. One night I was able to fit pizza and ice cream into my nutrition for the day and already in just 3 weeks I have lost 8 pounds! He is confident in what he does, he works you hard and teaches you the right things you need to know to be successful! I really do feel lucky that I found such a great trainer and I look forward to seeing more of these great results!

Physically and Mentally changed!

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I've been coming here since October 2014. At first only 2 times a week, and then I started to see results and have more energy, I bumped up to 4-5 times a week, and never regret coming. Thomas knows his stuff. He somehow keeps track of all of us and pushes us right where we need. I haven't reached my original goals yet, but my body has changed so much physically and mentally and am happy for it. Great gym! Great coaches! Great members!

Amazing results!

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When I first started working out with my personal trainer Thomas Grove 4.5 months ago I felt like I was at a low in my life and I wanted to do something about it. The first day I went in we took before pictures and honestly I felt horrified at what I saw but I worked hard everyday and did everything he taught me to do with nutrition and fitness. Today we took some after pictures and I was Amazed by the results! I've lost 30 pounds and a ton of inches from everywhere on my body. I've gained muscle and strength, but most importantly a better attitude about myself and the way that I think. I've never felt more Amazing. It's the best decision I could have made for myself and I'm so grateful that I did.

Great gym!

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I love this gym & I love the coaches! Thomas and Chris have so much experience & they are completely focused on helping you, teaching you, encouraging you, & keeping you safe. They are so great at answering questions, fully demonstrating each movement, correcting form & improving technique, & they are there the whole time to help. You will see results faster than you expect & you will be hooked from day one! This is an awesome facility! It's huge, it's clean, & it's conveniently located. Everyone in class is so supportive & it's fun to be like a team cheering each other on & celebrating new achievements together! Bottom line, Amplified Fitness will get you results & you'll love every minute!

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