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I have been buying cars from awesome folks like you since 1987! Flashforward to now and I am lucky enough to have my whole family now working right along side me. As a family owned and operated business we strive to treat every customer like they're family. We go by the saying; just because your car is junk doesn't mean you should be treated like it. We buy cars/trucks/vans of all shapes and sizes. We pay cash for cars that are in great shape and run drive. We also pay cash for clunkers and junk cars and will provide free towing to sweeten the deal.

If you are looking to be treated right, get a fair price, and exeptional service; welcome to the family. We can't wait to get you taken care of. Give me a call 801.895.3129 http://carsoldforcash.com 1010 Margaret Ave, Salt lake City, UT 84106.

if you aren't convinced yet, here are just some of the reasons folks have found doing business with me has been way awesome!





Give me a call #801.895.3129

or shoot me a text #801.839.8950.

Big Tane

P.S. tell me you saw me on KSL and I'll pay you an extra 10% when I buy your car/truck/van or suv!

P.S.S. newer and better condition car's/truck's/van's and suv's I will pay a whole lot more!

P.S.S.S. it's worth your time to call or text!

Hours of Operations

Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 8:00pm
Friday 8:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday 8:00am - 5:00pm

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Sell Your Car For Cash. Salt Lake, Ut 8018953129

Offer code: # (801) 895-3129

FREE TOWING when I pay CASH for your junk Car!

Details: free towing

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Great Service

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These guys are great in their customer service. You don't always get the amount you want for your car, but they're honest in their dealings. They were able to do same day pick-up which was a great help! Basically, if you want to get rid of your car, free up some space in a hurry and earn a little cash on the side, talk to these guys.


Honest and reliable

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I have had several dealings with Big Tane. He does what he says he will do and when he says he will do it. He has always given me a fair amount based on the condition of the vehicle. The best is he pays me CASH sometimes on the same day I call! Highly recommend!


About what I expected

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Got what I paid for my '93 Cherokee Sport and it was paid in cash the same day. Overall, I'd recommend this to anybody who needs quick cash for a clunker. Thanks, Big Tane!


No Service What-So-Ever

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Called 'Big Tane,' and told him about my vehicle. He told me he would 'Run some numbers and give [me] a hollar soon.' Every other place I called was able to give me a quote on my vehicle within just a few minutes and with just a few questions. I waited several hours for 'Big Tane' to get back to me, before texting him once again to ask if that quote was ready. He responded: "thxs for the text but your asking/wanting to get out of your [Honda] passport i'll have to decline thxs" Absolutely ZERO professionality, and literally ZERO service. Of course I called you to get out of my Passport. That's why people call you. Would recommend avoiding at all costs.

Owner response: As much as we pride ourselves in our customer service, in this case we fell short. Apparently, my predictive text got me into trouble…I meant to text, “thxs for the text about your asking/wanting to get out of your [Honda] Passport.” I can see how “thxs for the text but your asking/wanting to get out of your [Honda] Passport” unintentionally came across derogatory. When asking for the particulars on the vehicle and finding out that it had been sitting without running for over ten years and the amount you were hoping to sell it for, honestly, it put me out of the ballpark. I didn’t want to offend you and decided to see if there was any way of coming closer to your asking price. I wasn’t as timely as I should have been in getting back to you. Since your feedback, we’ve made it a policy to proofread text messages and to get back with customers within an hour or less. I appreciate the feedback and hope you were successful in selling your vehicle.


Good Transaction

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I called Carsoldforcash in June and was pleased with the dispatcher, Kristen, who was very helpful and priced my 2002 Toyota Corolla for me. It had been in a minor accident and I still owed a small amount of money on it. After calling other places I called Kristen back because not only did she offer the most money, my car was paid off AND I got $400 in my pocket. The buyer, Tane, was also very funny and it was all around a good experience.

Owner response: your kind comments mean so much thank you! Big Tane carsoldforcash.com

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