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Moving is a delicate business, one that requires a great deal of

experience and caution. With Smart Move you can rest easy knowing your

belongings will arrive in a safe and timely manner. Although we pride

ourselves on being some of the safest movers around, Smart Move is also

known for its superior rates, which include friendly and professional

moving crew, clean and reliable equipment, all the necessary loading and

padding equipment, as well as insurance at no additional cost. So the

next time you need your things hauled across the street or coast to

coast, keep us in mind.

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I usually move myself but.....

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....they gave me a good deal and I went for it. No regrets!


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I've been using you for years to move to new apartments. This is my first time writing a review because my most recent move was especially great. I had to leave to take a final and the movers just went on with it without me. I had my sister stop by to check on them and she said that they were just plugging away like there was no tomorrow. I met them at my new pad after I was done and all my things were already inside. I found the guys assembling furniture and unwrapping other stuff. I checked if everything was in order and it was. I've had some good moves and some terrible ones, but it has been nothing short of awesomeness with Smartmove. I feel like I am treated honestly and get my money's worth. We could use more companies like this one.

Smart Is Right

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I like that they were clean, I didn't expect them to come wearing identical uniform shirts. I also liked that I pointed to the stuff that had to go to my new apartment (I am divorcing my wife and most of the stuff was staying put) and then sat on the porch and drank my coffee. I'm going through a difficult time but this was the least stressful part of it. Well it was still pretty stressful but it wasn't as bad as I expected. They loaded what I had into their truck, unloaded it at my new residence and put my queen bed together for me. Hadn't asked them to do that but it was just nice to walk into the room and see that is was more or less ready to live in.

A good company

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I'm thrilled with the services I got. I have recommended this mover to my friends and they were equally impressed with what the work.

Poor Communication

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We were disappointed in our experience with Smart Move. After an onsite inspection, We were told that our move would probably involve the rental of one truck and maybe a rental trailer. The actual move involved two trucks and a rental trailer. The original estimate of cost was extremely low compared to the actual cost. The estimate missed the actual by about 35%.

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