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 David is your flooring expert at Southern Utah Flooring. Whether you need carpet, tile, laminate or even shutters or blinds, David is at your service. We are proud to state that we are friendly and affordable and easy to work with. It is our goal to provide such quality and professional service that you will not hesitate to order product again or recommend us to someone you know. We believe that honest, fair and affordable business is not only best for long term business profits but it just feels right and makes our job so much more fulfilling. You've found what you're looking for: Unmatched prices on all your flooring needs! Give David a call at (435) 632-1048 or visit our site

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Great Quality

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Great quality of carpet and tile. The installation was performed by Southern Utah Flooring, it was efficient and done to perfection. The carpet was a great price and unique carpet we were unable to find anywhere else. We were so pleased with the service we purchased blinds as well. Overall a fantastic experience.


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These 2 people are unprofessional at best, threatening at worst. If you enjoy having your blinds half finished for months, then having your credit card charged again without your permission then being threatened with physical force,by all means, call these 2 men. Please save yourself a ton in stress and go somewhere else instead of ending up in small claims court. I'd give them negative 'stars' but the choice wasn't available.

They are awesome! Great service great pricing!

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They were just great!

Professional - Great Pricing

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Our local spa was in need of tile and carpet. We needed the current flooring ripped out and new flooring replacement. We called Southern Utah Flooring and was dealt with in a professional manner. They had fantastic customer service, great product and timely. We received other quotes from various vendors and we saved quite a bit of money going through Southern Utah Flooring.

Quality Product

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We received carpet and tile from Southern Utah Flooring and had a wonderful experience. I would recommend them to anyone. They are fast, professional and the best prices that I researched.

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