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NEW HOMES Handy-man Electrical or General + 24hrs-Emergency -We install or fix anything Electrical, Home Theater surround sound systems at great savings (see us at stewconst.com). We accept check and credit card payments. Free Plans to design and build your home with confidence, we specialize in mountain Homes with difficult lots; we guarantee our prices and our work. We have 35+ years experience as General, Electrical, Engineering contractors, including custom home design/build, remodeling, commercial buildings, UPS, Emergency generators, solar-wind, Variable Drive Motor controllers, and also Audio/Video-Home Theater+ Lighting Control expertise. We do work throughout Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. When we design your plans you know it will be specified for your particular ideas and desires for your project. We do any projects including commercial. Our cost savings and quality are significant. We do all your electrical and electronics, and at significant savings on your project! We Garantee our work and we will give you extras on your project that you did not believe were possible for the cost to value expended. Whatever your project large or small, you will see number one quality and be thanking Your Lucky Stars you chose to make that call to 801-787-2363

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Stewart Co., Inc.

Offer code: These are new 20 KW Generac-Enclosed Emergency Generators (outdoor ready) - We have about 103 of them and are offered to be installed complete with transfer switch, electrrical panel and natural gas line hookups included

Stewart & Co., Inc. --20 KW Generac Emergency Generator Installed $8,950

Details: 20 KW Generac Emergency Generator, natural gas fueled (No Messy fueling requirements) --$8,950 completely Installed -these are completely enclosed outdoor rated and not any shelter required! This 20 KW generator is one of the best on the market and give you 160 amps at 120 Volt single phase, and will power your home with automatic transfer of power -- you will not need to run around shutting off things to make it work; it has full power to run your home!! This offer is good until these generators are sold. These generators routinely sell for $15,000 plus installation costs added to that!

Stewart Co., Inc.

We Will Honor Any Coupon

Details: We will Honor Any coupon From any Company

Stewart Co., Inc.

Residential Wiring at $1.96 per fin. sq. ft.

Details: Residential wiring at $1.96 per finished square foot. including all install of fictures and costs of GFIs, outlets and switches

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Wired My Hot Tub and fixed it under manufacters warrantee

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Stewart, I had contacted to wire my hot tub, they made the connections as promised and then found that the hot tub would not start. After trouble shooting they told me my hot tub had a bad control card; even though this was a brand new tub? I gave them the manufacturers number and they took care of having a new card sent out under warrantee. When it came all the trouble shooting and installations for this warrantee work with my tub manufacturer was handled by Stewart without any charges to me. This was a big surprised that they took care of the problem and did not just walk away when the tub did not work, could not be more happy with their work and professionalism.


Completely Accomplished Building Our Home As We Wanted

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Building our first home, we had contacted several large home builders and were disappointed to find that they were not too responsive to our desires, including that they charge $500 as a penalty for making any changes at all, to the construction once we signed the contract to get started. We found that Stewart & Co. not only did let us make changes but were very cooperative to do s, and always had pricing for us to make such decisions. Also they offered great suggestions for us to consider in the design of our home, it was not just a plan book approach. We saw they handled their subcontractors very well and made sure that we were satisfied with the results. They had extras in our home that were not offered by other contractors, including a very low priced home theater that we wanted for our family room. I would highly recommend them for anyone in our situation looking to build your home.



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1- did not act professional at all 2- broke 2 of my light fixtures and said Oppss 3-very careless which is the most important professional feature for any electrician 4- did not do anything just opened the wires and left them all jumbled and charged me 100 for 40 minutes I just do not know who are those other 18 people who wrote reviews for this electrician.

Owner response: Be a little truthful, your older home had remodeled electrical with numerous NEC electrical violations, obviously not any qualified electrician had done this work. Which was amongst reasons that many things did not work? After noting this to your attention, and trouble shooting two kitchen recessed cans that had been illegally modified to install cheap non-approved fixtures; you were informed that these had been wired without a neutral (using the ground for a neutral). When told it would take rewiring according to electrical codes to fix this problem, you told us to stop, and leave -- to not do anything more? When told you have dangerous electrical code violations is why your lights will not work; then you tell us to leave, maybe try not talking trash!~~! When seeing a potentially dangerous monkey-made electrical mess; we will not be any party engaged in making an illegal quick-fix!!


On Time and On Budget For Meter and Panel Change

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On time and on budget plus saved me having to be without power to my home. Stewart did a meter change out for my home, which had an older electrical system, and also replaced the electrical panel. I was told by several other contractors that I would most likely be without power for several days with such a project due to a required city inspection and scheduling with Rocky Mountain Power to reconnect the power. Stewart managed to coordinate this work so that the city and Rocky Mountain made only a temporary disconnect and I had power restored to my home the same day. I can not say how much I appreciated their work. They not only got all the city permits but did a great effort at this coordination with both entities which resulted in our power not ever being off long enough to require moving the food out of our refrigerator. They charged me exactly what they had given me for an estimate over the phone, even though I know there were extra efforts required when they did the job. Thanks.


Dishonest - will never use again

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Seriously? Stewart&Co charged me $240 to replace a thermostat. The job took 20minutes. He demanded payment after doing the work without confirming price or given the go ahead. Then, would NOT provide any kind of invoice or RECEIPT!!! I will also contact the BBB but for those that use KSL as a tool to find dependable services I felt duped by the other reviews and felt compelled to warn anyone looking at using this company.

Owner response: She agreed upon an emergency service call costing $200 plus parts, when she called us, or we would not have proceeded. When she intimates that pricing and authorization bartering was to occur; upon arrival at her property, that is just untruthful. Company policy for our service calls is to proceed only after we have given an estimate (Free) agreed upon with our customer. Her defective thermostat was replaced, at wholesale pricing of $40 (this totaled $240, with parts; was exactly as we had agreed). She does not mention; that at no charge, we also checked out other electrical issues her tenant had with her property? Sorry, that on false pretense she felt like changing our terms after the fact, or to not pay at all?

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