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I am a professional Piano Tuner and technician. I am qualified to do all types of repairs, adjustments and tunings. Most pianos should be tuned at least once a year if not more depending on the use of the piano. A standard tuning starts at 85. Pitch raises, and other work and repairs are more. I do at least 7 things to your piano for free that others usually charge for. These include lubricating the strings,vacuuming the piano in and out, adjusting the pedals, polishing the pedals, tightening the plate screws, tightening the bench and polishing the piano when finished. Call and see why experience matters. I travel from Layton to Provo and everywhere in-between. Call to schedule or simply ask questions!

Hours of Operations

Monday and Tuesday 8:30am - 6:00pm
Wednesday 8:00am - 6:00pm
Thursday and Friday 8:30am - 6:00pm

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Piano Tuning and Voicing

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David tuned and voiced my baby grand piano. My piano hadn't been tuned in 6 years - it sound great. He also cleaned and shined it up. His pricing was good for the work needed on the piano. We will be using him regularly!


Thanks Dave, great job!

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David did an excellent job tuning and voicing my piano - and it was in serious need, my friends. He showed up on time, was very friendly and cheerful, and knowledgable. He cleaned my piano inside and out, even polished the pedals. I am very happy with how my piano sounds and will definitely give him a call next time.


Wonderful service!

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David Stosich was courteous and helpful. The previous piano tuner really messed the sound up and David took the time to fix it all. Not only did he fix the problems, but then he checked the whole piano, making sure everything was the way it was supposed to be. Then he cleaned up the piano. His was price was reasonable. We were very happy with him.


Good experience

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We've had David tune our piano a couple of times and have been pleased with his work each time. He told us honestly what work our piano needed to get it in shape--and then fixed it affordably. We like working with David because of the ease of contacting him/scheduling appointments, the quality of his work, the affordability, and his friendly manner.


Professional and Courteous

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David Stosich tuned my grand piano last week and I couldn't be more pleased. It hadn't been tuned for five years and had recently been moved, so it was VERY far from being in tune. He took the time to explain what was needed, showed me the extra care he took to condition the string ends, polish all the brass hardware, clean the interior, polish the exterior, and tighten screws that had loosened over the years. That was all in addition to the beautiful tuning he did. He also gave me an appraisal of the value of my piano for insurance purposes. His pricing was very reasonable and he was very professional, friendly and courteous. I would highly recommend Mr. Stosich and will definitely be a continuing customer.

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