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I am a professional Piano Tuner and technician. I am qualified to do all types of repairs, adjustments, regulations and tunings. Every piano should be tuned every year at the very least if not more depending on the use of the piano. A standard tuning starts at 90. Pitch raises, and other work and repairs are more. I do at least 7 things to your piano for free that others usually charge for. These include lubricating the strings,vacuuming the piano in and out, adjusting the pedals, polishing the pedals, tightening the plate screws, tightening the bench and polishing the piano when finished. Call and see why experience matters. I travel from Bountiful to Pleasant Grove and everywhere in-between. Call to schedule or simply ask questions!

Hours of Operations

Monday and Tuesday 8:30am - 6:00pm
Wednesday 8:00am - 6:00pm
Thursday and Friday 8:30am - 6:00pm

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Very professional ,really friendly,honest pricing,reliable. I was very happy with his service. I would recommend and use David again. Thankyou


Fantastic experience!

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I got a quick response to my texts to schedule an appointment for our piano tuning. He was very flexible about coming at a time that worked for me. He was honest and informative about what needs our piano had, and did the tuning in a very timely manner. I trusted him in our home and noticed the difference in the sound quality immediately. His pricing was extremely reasonable and fair. He even gave us an estimate on what fair market value would be if we decide to sell it and upgrade. I would recommend his services to anyone who is looking to have a piano tuned or repaired. We will use him in the future. Thanks!


Wonderful service!

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We have had David with Stosich Piano come to our home twice now to service our old piano. I wouldn't have anyone else. The piano sat unused for 20 years before being shipped across the country and was in bad shape when it arrived. David was very diligent in deciding what was wrong and presented the information to me honestly, and in an informative manner. We worked together to come up with a plan for service. I never felt like he pressured me into fixing anything, but rather that we worked as a team to decide what was best for our family at that time. He is efficient at his work and very fair with his pricing. He returned again today to assess some keys that weren't striking right and again went above and beyond to get everything working as well as possible for as little money as possible. He is wonderful to work with and we will definitely call him again.


Friendly, Professional, and Expert Service

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As a piano teacher and pianist, I feel like I know the instrument and its nuances fairly well. This is by far the best tuning I have had done in many years. David is very professional and knows the piano very well. He is an expert piano tuner (which is important because not all tuners are good tuners). My piano feels and plays incredibly well after this tuning. Not only did he tune up my piano, but he cleaned and polished it as well, something that is unusual for the business, but much appreciated. David was the most personable tuner I have ever worked with. He discussed my piano and its needs with me. He gave me options for services and was happy to answer questions I had. I will absolutely be a repeat customer.


Honest, professional and knowledgeable!

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I used David's services to look at a piano that is over a 100 year old, do an onsite inspection and valuation of a another piano I was looking to purchase and tuning and repairs of a piano. He educated and gave me realistic expectations. He was great to contact after the fact and helped me after the fact over the phone with more questions that I had. He is meticulous in his work, honest and super fair. I would definitely recommend Stosich Piano Tuning for any of your piano needs, he is a great guy!

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