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I am a professional Piano Tuner and technician. I am qualified to do all types of repairs, adjustments, regulations and tunings. Every piano should be tuned every year at the very least if not more depending on the use of the piano. A standard tuning starts at 90. Pitch raises, and other work and repairs are more. I do at least 7 things to your piano for free that others usually charge for. These include lubricating the strings,vacuuming the piano in and out, adjusting the pedals, polishing the pedals, tightening the plate screws, tightening the bench and polishing the piano when finished. Call and see why experience matters. I travel from Bountiful to Pleasant Grove and everywhere in-between. Call to schedule or simply ask questions!

Hours of Operations

Monday and Tuesday 8:30am - 6:00pm
Wednesday 8:00am - 6:00pm
Thursday and Friday 8:30am - 6:00pm

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Amazing customer service!

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Having worked in retail for 10 years, I can honestly say it's very refreshing to have someone like David represent what great customer service means. I think most of us have become to set on the instant gratification of buying things online, and get upset when services take more than 5 minutes. David even took the time to explain what each part of the piano did and in most cases, was honest with us in explaining that it probably wouldn't be wise financially in fixing certain things, because it would need to be fixed again in a year or two. The piano is 95 years old, and needed some work. David was never pushy with his services. Honesty and integrity go along way, especially in customer service. David will be our go-to for piano repair. Thank you!

Great experience with Stosich Piano Tuning

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After reading several positive reviews for Stosich Piano Tuning, I called David and he graciously worked me into his schedule despite being booked out three weeks. He did a fantastic job getting my piano sounding clean again and also gave me a primer on its inner-workings, as well as a few tips on how to keep it sounding (and looking) new. David also happens to be a great conversationalist. I'll definitely be using Stosich Piano Tuning in the future.

Great Service

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Just had my piano tuned for the 1st years and Stostich Piano Tuning did a great job. I have been discouraged with some of my previous piano tuners which is why I have neglected getting the piano tuned. David was honest with me about what work needed to be done to make the piano sound great again. Thanks Stosich Piano Tuning!

Works magic with old pianos!

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I acquired a used piano in great physical shape but in need of some key repair due to being neglected for years. David was wonderfully informative about what needed fixed and why and his pricing is very reasonable. I love that he's willing to fix what my budget can afford and doesn't guilt-trip me in to doing more. I love the increased sound quality and performance my piano has made under his care so far and look forward to his continued professional work~ Thank you David!

David is highly skilled and goes the extra mile.

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I found David on KSL and decided (based on all the positive reviews) to hire him to tune our 1991 Yamaha upright grand piano. My parents gave us the piano last year and it hadn't been tuned or had any maintenance in over 15 years. He is very knowledgeable and discussed everything that was needed to get it back to a maintainable state. Our piano was more than 30 cents low and he is bringing it back in stages to minimize the risk of breaking strings. He did a fantastic job reshaping the hammers. He took the time to meticulously vacuum out the entire piano and polish all the brass and wood, and the thing darn near looks brand new. You will not be disappointed in the work that David does on your piano. I think his prices are pretty competitive and will definitely be having him visit our home regularly for routine piano maintenance in the future. In a few months time we will have him back to adjust the action and do another routine tuning to bring the piano completely back in tune.

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