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I can usually have your bid to you the same day and some times with in an hour. My prices are competitive and if you hire "THE BEST" you can have piece of mind knowing we are licensed, insured and we do this everyday. (Not just a guy with a truck and a chainsaw). We also offer Excavating & Hauling services!

*Tree Trimming & Removal

*Haul Away

*Stump grinding

*Chipping (you can keep the free mulch)

Excavation services


-HAULING Anything from a house to a little pile of dirt!

-GRADING (Parking lot full of puddles?) CALL ME!




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The Best Tree Service?? More like The Worst Tree Service!!!

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I wish I would have read these reviews before hiring Greg!! He seemed great at first, he came to my house and promised what seemed to be the world!! Gave me a bid for the work and asked that I give him 20% up front and that he would be back the next day to do the work between 9 and 10 am. Needless to say he did not show between the time specified, I called him a few times to see where he was and he would give me excuses like " Oh, I'm so sorry, I totally forgot I had another appointment before yours," or "I'm at lunch right now, I should be there in about 30 minutes." By 5 pm he had still not shown up so I called him again (no answer this time) i left him a message stating that I did not want him to do the work and that I would like my 20% back. I'm sure as you can imagine I am still waiting to get my check back. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH GREG!!!



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They came by and took a look at our yard while we were out and then text us from 801-631-4766 the # listed here and on their website.The text said that they had a sweet deal for us they could do all the work in our yard for $500 but he needed some help in the form of prepayment of $200 because he was having some hardship and waiting for another big job to come in.We thought they were the company who cut down our large tree last year so we thought as long as he brought a receipt we could trust him. Greg came by later that night to pick up the money.He said they would be back in the morning to start on the yard.They had to reschedule several times and then just stopped returning our phone calls and texts.I used KSL to help me make my decision and I don't want anyone else to make the same mistake I did. I will probably never see my$200 or the "BEST" tree service. I thought they had 17 good reviews out of 20. I should've paid more attention to the negative reviews.



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I had used this company in the past and was totally pleased. The work was complete when I got home and there were no issues. The third time, oh what a disaster. I have read each of the other reviews and must say I had the same problems, but in addition, my fence was damaged. I was assured it would be repaired and I would not be able to tell anything had ever happened. I ended up having to have another company come in and repair the fence the best they could. It did cost me another $200 and although not perfect, looks much better than their repair job. I will never pay any money toward a job until the work is complete and to my standards. This ended up being a pay as they went job because of an apparent hardship which I was dumb enough to fall for and I was the one burnt in the end.


anger issues

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So I got a bid from the owner for 2 days work, they showed up and did 4 days work and wanted to charge me $4,500 when most of the time they just sat around and didn't even do 1/4 of the work that was discussed, they 20 days after they said they were done he show's up at my door extremely angry wanting the $4,500, I told him I don't pay the bills, it dose to the property owner then they cut the check, Greg then shoves me in front of my child and tells me (I want my $ before noon tomorrow or else I coming for you) *****



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I hired "the best" last week to cut down 2 cherry trees and trim some other trees around my yard. I was fooled by all the positive reviews on here, and initially I was impressed because Greg promised the world, said he'd give my backyard a complete makeover and would even clean out my shed and haul everything away, all in ONE day. First of all, the ad for these guys says they have all the right equipment and they aren't just a guy with a chainsaw. I'm sorry, but that's all these guys are. They had to hire another company to cut the trees down around my roof because they DIDN'T have the right equipment. It ended up taking 3 days, not 1. They broke a pipe and a 2x4 on my awning. They did fix them, but it stressed me out. They spilled gas on my front lawn, leaving a big circle of dead grass, which will take months to grow back. Oh, and when I had issues and tried talking to Greg about it, he walked off throwing his hands up in the air and then drove away. DON'T HIRE THESE GUYS

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