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Sold Us A Lemon

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We have had this car for less than two weeks and we thought we only had minor problems after getting it looked at before we bought it. WRONG our check engine light just came on and the catalytic converter needs to be replaced, the engine mount and a few other issues. I wish I would have stuck to my gut instinct and not bought from them. We bought a lemon! UPDATE: The company has up and left. I haven't gotten my title, registration or license plates. Talked to the company across the street and they stated they haven't seen them for weeks. Talked to a gentleman at the previous address The Car Depot had on their papers. Informed me that the company stays in lots for about 6-10 months and leaves and that the owner has been doing illegal stuff and is running/hiding from law enforcement. AVOID AT ALL COST!!



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i purchased a 1999 jeep Cherokee in may the check engine light came on within a week being a bad oil sensor not a big deal. now my temporary is expired and cannot get a hold of them after many attempts of stopping by and there closed and unanswered phone calls even tried emailing them so i called the state and there is no record of them getting my vehicle licensed in the state of Utah which is required by dealers so i filed a motor vehicle complaint form with the state and may have to do a civil suit id pay double somewhere else before dealing with them again if there even still in business.


Great Experience - 7 Weeks Later I'd Buy it Again

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We actually had a great experience with The Car Depot. We bought an Audi from them in mid February. They were all nice guys. My husband went to test drive the car while I stayed home with the sleeping toddlers. When my husband told them I was at home they had him drive the car to our house so that I could test drive it too. I thought that was nice. When we purchased the car the window wiper fluid tank needed a plug (which they told us.) They said they ordered the plug and to come back in a few days to have them put it in. When we went back they fixed the tank and just to be nice, gave us new windshield wipers. I was pleasantly surprised. I wanted to wait a bit to write a review having read the other reviews on here, but it's been seven weeks now since we purchased our car. I drive it every day and love it! We haven't had any problems with the car. I would make the same purchase again in a heart beat. I love our new car! Trading in was a smooth process as well.

Owner response: We are glad that you had an enjoyable buying experience at The Car Depot. We always try to give our customers the most pleasant and convenient car buying experience possible.



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I took my car in to have them sell after my daughter finished school in Provo and they said they would have no problem selling it for $3000. It had run with no problems for 7 months. Seven months later they said it wasn't a great car. We lowered the price by $300. I tried to get a hold of them numerous times, left messages and received no call backs. Finally I called my nephew who knew the owner and he was told they had just sold the car that day (??) for $2350. No one had called me to discuss the lower price. They just sold it. Three weeks later I was still trying to get my money from the sale and it finally was deposited to my bank account as agreed. They deposited $1700 into my account, $150 less than our original agreement stated. Still not contacted by anyone and have no documentation on the sale. My guess is that if I had not been calling they would not have given me the money that was due. These guys give a bad name to any honest dealers.

Owner response: Here at The Car Depot, we have a low pressure sales model that we use. We try to not ever push a customer into anything that they would not be completely happy with. We agreed, as a favor, to help a friend's uncle sell his Mazda 626. We agreed that it would be listed at $3000 with the explicit understanding that price negotiation was probable. After 4 months of the 626 taking up space on the lot, we agreed to lower the price to $2700 in an attempt to move the car. Another 3 months later, customers came in and negotiated a deal to pay $2200 for the car. The original agreement with the seller was that anything within $500 of the asking price would be acceptable. The negotiated price for consignment was $500, which makes a grand total of $1700 for the seller. Documentation of the sale was mailed to the seller but it may have taken time to get to him because he lives in Canada.



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Yeah, so i bought my Audi from them knowing i was going to have a problems being an Audi yeah, but within 50 miles driving it the entire coolant system was going out, thermostat, jplug, coolant flange, coolant temp sensors and more, oh yeah and they had the wrong type of coolant in the car, so basically if we didnt catch these problems as they were happening the engine would have been trashed. they dont fix cars they delete check engine lights, they also sold me my car with a bad catalytic converter, bad battery,(which they gave me a receipt saying it was new, but WHO CAN GET AHOLD OF THEM THEY DONT ANSWER THE PHONE!),turbo oil return hose, (sold to me with leak) wrong oil filter(way to small), bad air filter,bad cabin air filter bad cv boots/joints/axels, bad motor mounts, windshield wipers, tires were below minimum tread all around bad brakes... oh yeah and it was the best dealing with electrical issues for the first 3 months i didnt have headlights. (All in less than 10 months)

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