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Happy Camper

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I was in the store a couple of months before and saw they had really low prices on computers. But I didn't pursue it. A few weeks ago, I was in again, looking for an inexpensive computer desk, which they didn't have. However I found a HP Desktop slim line(A Pentium but not one of the latest series) Since I was wanting to replace my Windows XP model, and this one had Windows 7, I thought "what the heck". I rather 'nonchalantly' asked (still wondering if the price was 'too good to be true)about their return policy and was told 2 days on electronics. At less than $200, I took the gamble. A couple of weeks later I bought a HP 27 inch monitor from them because of the price as well. I can't vouch for their return policy because both items worked 'as advertised'. The gal at the counter said that if there was a problem, even after the 2 days (a little over the two days)that their techs in back would make it right. Is it a gamble? Sure. But I won both times.


Great Stuff

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This place is a great store to shop in. The items are tested and employees are very helpful in getting you set up with all info you need. Some of the items are in rough shape but for the price, a little tinkering and Do-It-Yourself attitude makes for an unbelievable deal. Buy with confidence...


Great store

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We bought our Steam clean vacuum from them normally $300 and we got it for less than $100 and it works great! We tested it at the store before buying it to make sure it worked and we have had no problems :) They had great deals on there sectionals too we are going to have to go back and buy one.



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Went to buy a printer. Needed a color printer, had a worker who acted knowledgeable help me. He showed me a printer that seemed reasonable. He assured me that they test all products before putting them out and that if it wasn't in working condition I'd have 2 days to return my item. I took it to the cashier where I double checked the "2 day return policy" There are signs that say absolutely no returns. So I asked why I get a 2 day return policy but the signs say otherwise. She told me that even though the signs are there they give a 2 day grace period on electronics. I took her word on that (my mistake). Took the printer home. Wasn't a color printer and printed a black line down the center of the page. Took it back within 2 hours of purchase. Was refused a refund. After 2 hours of back and forth with the loser of an owner he agreed to let me take a different printer home. This printer sucks as well but I'll take a loss before I'll go talk to that guy again. Just a shady, ghetto store.


BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!

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This is an ok store to shop from it your not buying anything that requires electricity to operate, anything that you have to test. They claim that they give you 2 business days to try electronic products and if its defective or doesn't work out you can return it. Its a bull faced lie, don't believe that. We bought a ac unit, from there the first problem I noticed was the ac units were laying on there back, you cannot test an ac unit that has been on its back for at least 24 hours. Anyway we bought it took it home waited 24 hours and low and behold that plug on the ac unit would not work at our house, it was defected to us. We could not even get power to it. Then we tried to return after 1 business day and the MOD said we would have to come back when the owner was there he then called the owner on the phone,the owner refused to get a refund for our defective product, we left the unit there, and we contacted our attorney to get our refund. Man, now I know why attorneys are necessary.

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