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The Liquidation Team

(801) 226-2200

64 West Center St
Orem, UT 84057

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Terrible customer service. They don't follow their exchange policy.

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Prices are good, but you can't exchange anything. Even if your item falls within th guidelines listed on their receipt. Bought some pants here for my husband. They said if the pants didn't fit I could bring them back with tags and receipt within 7 days and exchange for a different size. The pants, although his standard size, didn't fit. I bought the pants back with tags, receipt, and within 7 days and they refused to exchange them. They asked I wanted to talk to the owner, and I said "yes." Then came back and said the owner was on the phone. I waited for 15 minutes and then the employee told me the truth was the owner wouldn't even come talk to me. I wasn't asking for my money back. I just wanted the next size up. I had everything. And the owner wouldn't even talk to me. I WILL NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN. I was planning on buying a sofa set from them, but I won't now. I would rather buy used from Craigslist or ksl or anywhere than buy from this store.

Portable air conditioner $300.00 rating 0

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Bad news.. Purchased portable air conditioner at Orem. Tested by plugging in at store and air worked. Placed in suv by staff member. Moved to bedroom for guest arrival a week later. Plugged into wall. Nothing..nothing. Took back to store next day. You have two days to return..period....they said I dropped it. Screw from back screw in car or in bedroom. I noticed the electric plug was different from other models,same brand in store. Left it in store to be looked at by their fixer. He just called and said he could not fix it. I have a three hundred dollar bill to be paid and no air conditioner. I was a customer and will no longer be able to shop with them. I could have gone to best buy to purchase the same type of item but I chose to give them my business. Same amount of money.Bad decision. I will tell ten people and they will tell ten people...a loyal and honest customer is hard to find!

Love The Liquidation Team

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I love finding awesome deals at The Liquidation Team. They have very low prices. I buy my Diet Coke for 1/2 the price of grocery stores. I bought a 60" HDTV last year for $500 less than any other store was selling it. Still working great today! I bought a power reclining sectional for my downstairs that I love. So comfortable! It had a small flaw on the back, but since it goes up against my wall you can't see it and It was 1/2 the price as Costco sold this set for. It was brand new other than the small flaw. You can't return things you buy, except exchange clothes. So you have to make sure that you really want what you buy before purchasing. My wife seems to buy 1/2 of our families clothes from them too. If you have never been to The Liquidation Team you have to check them out!


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I bought an Asus computer from the Liquidation Team on eBay. The item had serious power related issues and physical damage. When I asked LT about this and returning it, they said I should call Asus support, and I could roll the dice with with their 15% restocking fee. I called Asus, and Asus recommended I return it to LT. LT refused to pay return shipping, because their stated terms. They sent several long emails defending their position, how much money it costs them to deal with people like me, etc. IN SHORT: They sent a broken item. They should have gladly offered to pay to send it back to them, and not threatened a restocking fee. Throughout this, I gave them several opportunities to change course and make this right, but this was THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE I'VE HAD IN YEARS! Beware of this seller if the item is damaged/broken. They will likely treat you with similar disrespect, as they clearly lack of understanding of what it means to provide good customer service.

Happy Camper

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I was in the store a couple of months before and saw they had really low prices on computers. But I didn't pursue it. A few weeks ago, I was in again, looking for an inexpensive computer desk, which they didn't have. However I found a HP Desktop slim line(A Pentium but not one of the latest series) Since I was wanting to replace my Windows XP model, and this one had Windows 7, I thought "what the heck". I rather 'nonchalantly' asked (still wondering if the price was 'too good to be true)about their return policy and was told 2 days on electronics. At less than $200, I took the gamble. A couple of weeks later I bought a HP 27 inch monitor from them because of the price as well. I can't vouch for their return policy because both items worked 'as advertised'. The gal at the counter said that if there was a problem, even after the 2 days (a little over the two days)that their techs in back would make it right. Is it a gamble? Sure. But I won both times.

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