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Having troubles with your furry friend? Let TLC Canine Coaching help you better understand your canine and allow you to truly have mans best friend. I will coach you to properly train your dog so you as the handler has a complete understanding on how to train and communicate with your dog. I offer many different services to cater to every dog owner as well as your dog. I am a certified Trainer & Behaviorist and have been training for many years with many breeds and temperaments. I am very knowledgeable about canine behavior and how and to fix even the most challenging behaviors in dogs.

I have experience dealing with: Chewing, Digging, Jumping, Counter Surfing, Excessive Barking,Bolting, Separation Anxiety, Potty Training, Basic Obedience, Competition Obedience, Off Leash Obedience, Therapy Dogs, Dominance Aggression, Fear Aggression, Territorial Aggression and any other behavioral issues you may be encountering.
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Best In SLC

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I have been in working K9's for many years now and I have never met a more professional and knowledgable trainer. TLC Canine Coaching is hands down the best in utah. Tonya helped me improve my handling skills and knows dogs better than anyone I know. I reccomend her 100%.

Rescued my German Shepherd

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We have an 18 month old German Shepherd male that we could not trust around strangers and walking him was a battle of wills. We had tried another trainer but our dog still would not listen or obey. As the last resort, our vet recommended Tonya (after our dog lunged at the vet). We will be forever grateful to our vet. Tonya evaluated our boy and gave us her honest opinion, which we really appreciated. After 6 weeks of her training, we have an entirely different dog. He is calm and we can take him anywhere and never fear for him or anyone else. He is the same both on and off leash. People comment on how intelligent he is and so well mannered. If they only knew how he was just a short 6 weeks ago! We can not recommend Tonya strongly enough. Not only is she an expert trainer, she genuinely cares for animals.

Wouldn't Trust My Dog With Anyone Else!

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I have looked into getting a dog for a couple years now and never knew how to choose one or what to do with one when I finally brought one home. But after speaking with Tonya and getting some ideas and my confidence up I ended up getting one of her Cane Corso puppies and it has been the best dog I could ever hope for. Tonya helped me every step of the way from temperment testing to training afterwards and I'm %100 satisfied with the way she has trained and handled my dog since. When training she is strict and firm with my dog but yet never abusive or disrespectful to her. If I ever have questions or need help I can call and she is always willing to help and give advice. I have and will continue to recommend people to her for either a new puppy or a training program. Her knowledge and skills will help your dog tremendously. Thanks Tonya!

Best trainer in Salt Lake

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I never thought that I would see the day that I could walk the dogs with no leash and have them so well beahaved. You have taught me three things that stick out clearly. Consistancy, patience and respect. I never knew what it was to respect my dog and further more have my dog respect me. There is something so special when you work with them and see everything come together. You can actually see them think, thats amazing to me. I had almost lost all hope when I called you for the first time. One of the best feelings ever is when you have someone say your dog is so well behaved. I love your no games approach, you take charge and make me accountable, in return make the dogs accountable. The way you train is commendable, I hate when you see dogs fear someone and they do something because they have to not because they want to. It is such a good feeling to have my dogs want to please me, to look up to you with those eyes of teach me more. You make me feel like the sky is limit!

Thank you Tonya!

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We got Boots last summer to be a buddy for our 4 yr old shorthair Puka. Soon after I found out that I was pregnant and unfortunately I was not the ideal dog owner/trainer. As my belly grew, so did Boots. He was about 60 lbs at 6 months and he is strong. When he was 8 months he was a complete monster and could break out of his kennel. One day after breaking out of his kennel and eating 6 holes in the carpet at my mom’s house ($800 fix) I was at my wits end. It was either get him trained or find him a new home. Tonya took Boots for 6 weeks. With each weekly lesson my husband and I were blown away with the progress. We were able to apply the lessons we learned with Puka and when we got Boots back at the end of 6 weeks it was so fun! Puka and Boots no longer threw each other into the walls and furniture. They were perfect on and off leash. It is so fun to go to public places and hear people say, “Hey, look how good those dogs are. That’s awesome!” Annie and Eric Lavin

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