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Trans Parts Inc

(801) 972-5810

1884 S 900 W
Salt Lake City, UT 84104

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GM TURBO 350 $350.00 + parts GM HYDROMATIC 400 $400.00 + parts 1982-1992 GM 700R4 $650.00 1993-2006 GM 4L60E $650.00 1999-2006 GM 5.3 ENGINE $750.00 1994-2006 GM 4L80E $950.00 FORD E40D GAS/DIESEL $900.00 FORD 4R100 $900.00 DODGE 518/618 $850.00 DODGE 47RE $950.00

Hours of Operations

Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 4:30pm
Friday 8:00am - 3:00pm

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DO NOT.. I MEAN DO NOT use these guys. They will not stand behind the tranny or work they do. 12 month 12,000 mile warranty... more like 12 second 12 mile warranty. They blame it on the vehicle or the vehicle owner. They will not warranty the tranny and the customer service is the worst in the world. Ive had to spend over $500 more in parts and im taking it to another shop (wont name) to have them tear it back out and rebuild it. Consumer protection is gettin involved and I just hope no one else ever pays these guys one more penny. I have a LONG list of people they have screwed over and transparts is the talk of the town of the worst shop in the state. Read this and understand what my review and everyone else review says. Save yourselves. They can choke on the money I gave them. (If you buy from here dont give them cash. Use your credit or debit card so after they screw ya you can get your money back) enjoy the read and dont just take my advise read the rest of the reviews.

Owner response: this customers truck had major electrical problems every time he plugged in his stage 5 chip it would burn up the solenoids we paid for the first two brand new sets and then he would not take his truck to the dealer to find out why his chip is burning up his solenoids so every time he plugged in his chip his solenoids would burn up then he would either call or come in to our shop with a attitude cursing and demanding us to drop what we were doing at the moment to put another set of solenoids in his vehicle at our cost and when we refused that is when he started putting on bad reviews all over and under different names he was the worst customer we have ever dealt with in 25 years and out of thousands of happy customers! and the reason why he wont mention that other shop that he had $500 worth of parts put in his trans is because we wanted to talk to that other shop to see what the problem was so we could still help him out if any of it was our fault but he refused!



by on

We called Trans Parts to see if they had a transmission available for a truck we had just purchased that we found out after needed a transmission. They said they did and asked for 150.00 to hold it. We paid it over the phone as we planned to go up the next morning and look at the tranny to see if it would be what we needed. The situation changed with the truck so we didn't need that transmission. We called the next morning and let them know we would not need that transmission and asked that they credit the 150.00 back to out debit card. They were extremely rude and said they WOULD NOT refund us our money! We were NEVER told at anytime that the money we put down was non-refundable!! We never signed any papers either!!!!! The blatant disregard for my request, the dishonesty and how rude they were was enough for me to never want to go there to do any kind of business!!!!! I find it interesting that on most of the responses to customer reviews, it is always someone else fault.

Owner response: this ladies son had called us for a transmission for his truck we did not have the one he needed in stock but we told him we have plenty of cores that we could build one for him but he needed it that very next day and wanted alot of upgrades done to the transmission so we said we have a few jobs in front of his that we dont know if we can have one done the very next day so we told him we could push another build to the side that wasnt in a hurry and get his done but we would require a non refundable deposit of $150 because he did want it the next day and wanted several hundred dollars in upgrades he agreed and had his mother call with a debit card to pay for the deposit. we finished the trans on time the next day and the customer would not answer the phone and a few days later his mother called and said they were giving the truck back and did not need the transmission anymore and wanted her $150 deposit back and we explained to her that her son agreed to a non refundable deposit!



by on

DON'T GO HERE! I needed my transmission rebuilt and their price was really good. Before the warranty was up it started acting up and not shifting correctly. I took it in and they said it was not the transmission and the computer was making it shift funny. Well I am pretty mechanically inclined and knew it was BS. So I asked him if the bands needed to be adjusted and he said they are not adjustable and kept trying to find anything to blame it on me installing the transmission. "I didn't install a new transmission cooler". Well it was a new radiator/transmission cooler so it was not needed. Long story short, I took it to a Dodge dealer and once they tore into the transmission the bands(that the stated were not adjustable) were too tight and damaged my drum. They recommended me replace the transmission..again. So I had them put it together as is and I will drive it until it officially goes out. CROOKS

Owner response: this customer refused to follow the requirements of our warranty we have the customers read and sign the warranty agreement so that they understand the requirements and in this case the customer did not install a new transmission cooler and ran the transmission through the radiator and it contaminated the new rebuilt transmission with old fluid clutch debris and metal and it plugged up the valve body and solenoids and would not work properly and he told us that he did put a new radiator in it but it was before the old transmission blew up we told the customer we were willing to help him out with going through the transmission again for free but he would have to either pull the transmission out or would have to pay us to pull the transmission out since we were not the ones that originally installed it!


Look for another shop. The slightly lower price is not worth it.

by on

Look at the other reviews, you have a 50/50 chance of a bad experience, you don't want to remove and replace your trans more than once. You'll have no warranty, and they don't know how to diagnose, or repair even minor problems. I was ultimately told to go to the dealer.

Owner response: this customer diagnosed his own vehicle and called us to order a trans for his vehicle, so we built one of our units and then had the trans dyno tested before the customer picked it up and the transmission passed with good shifts and good preasure. when the customer installed our rebuilt trans in his vehicle had the same issue when his old trans was in the vehicle and called us up with a huge attitude cursing at us we tried to tell him that the trans passed the dyno that he has an electrical issue that he needs to either bring the vehicle to us or take it somewhere and have the electrical checked out he refused to do so and wanted us to pay to have HIS vehicle fixed! this customer did his own diagnostics we never even saw the vehicle!



by on

We purchased a Rebuilt Transmission from Transparts back in December 2014. Since the new Transmission was installed it has not worked or shifted correctly ! We,ve been back to their Shop 6 different times since this Date only to be yelled at or talked down too or soorry that was not part of the warranty ! They installed new electrical parts which werent covered by the so called warranty & charged additional $$, when that didnt work they suggested it was the on-board computer & take it to the Dealership, we did that & the Computer was fine Ford told us its a faulty Torque Converter, again went back & spoke with Brandon & told him we did as he suggested went to the dealership & after spending an additional $ 1,000.00 all Brandon did was get mad & defensive raised his voice & acted like he;d rather fight than honor his so-called Warranty ! This shop is NOT a true Transmission shop, they buy rebuilds & install them. Save your self the hassle, time & $$ go see a true inhouse trany rebuilder

Owner response: this customer diagnosed his own vehicle and ordered a rebuilt trans from us and installed it himself and it did not fix the issue his truck was having and he stopped payment on the check he wrote us after calling us and cursing and yelling on the phone saying his trans is doing the same thing his other one was doing! he never brang his vehicle to our shop once. we told him it was not the trans and that it was a electrical problem and thats when he said he was going to get gephart and write negative reviews on us unless we fixed his electrical problems so that his trans works properly. we try very hard to keep customers happy and help them in every way we can we have thousands of happy customers but there are some out there that you just cannot make happy and sadly this is the end results.

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