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We offer professional in-home dog training for any age, size, and personality of dog. We offer solutions for aggressive dogs, nervous dogs, hyper dogs, pulling on leash, disobedience, digging, barking, chewing, potty training and more!

Since every dog is different, each of our training sessions are different and accommodated to what you and your dog need. Our unique classes offer one on one work with you in your home with a certified professional. Each session generally lasts 2-3 hours long, or until we have worked on everything you want your dog to learn.

A few of our training packages that you can choose from are:

- Private Training

- Puppy Training

- E-Touch Training

- Board and Train

- Group Obedience Classes

- Pack to Basics (a FREE socialization class)

- Canine Good Citizen Classes

- Leash Training

- And More!

To learn about each training package, and to learn more about the trainer, please visit our website:


Contact us for scheduling or questions.

Call or text 801-735-1978, or email bbarnes@wasatchcaninecamp.com

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We love WCC!

by on

Before we started going to social class, Luke was aggressive towards other dogs. He would get really stiff and as soon as any other dog got in his face or went to sniff him, he would try and nip them. We thought we could control him on the leash but it only made it worse. I was nervous about going to social class where the dogs are all off-leash. I thought Luke would be starting fights and biting other dogs. However, social class has worked wonders with Luke! He does great at social class! I don't have to worry if he'll be starting fights or biting. The miracle though is that outside of social class, I've taken him to puppy play dates with lots of dogs (plenty of them with their own issues). That's where I can see the positive effects of social class. Even with a dog barking continuously at him in his ear, he totally ignores it! He lets dogs sniff him and he doesn't try to bite or get stiff! Social class has worked wonders.


Puppy Training Program

by on

We took our puppy, Natasha to Wasatch Canine Camp for the puppy training program when she was almost four months and we have seen so many improvements. Bethany will talk to you about the problems you are encountering and give you suggestions on how to correct the bad behavior. These are things that you can't get from a book because everyone's situation is different. When we started going, Natasha basically knew sit and a couple other things. Now she knows down, stay, wait, and place. She is now five months and can actually sit in place for longer than 10 seconds (that's a long time in puppy time!). One of our favorite things about Wasatch Canine Camp is that they offer a socialization class. Natasha loves going every week. It is better than a dog park!!


Helped with all three of our dogs!

by on

Bethany and Wasatch Canine Camp are amazing! We needed their help with our two female boxers, Harley and Bella. After about a year or so after we got Harley, she started getting really aggressive with Bella and attacking her. We looked online for a trainer to come in and help so we didn't have to keep the dogs completely separated all the time. Bethany came over and helped us to better understand how our dogs were acting-she was awesome and so knowledgeable! With her advice, we put them on a feeding schedule (which helped a ton!), we took away the toys and only played with them one at a time to reduce guarding, she helped us understand which cues to look for so we could anticipate their fighting and how to properly react to them. Bethany also suggested that we take them to her socialization classes on Saturdays, which helped SO much!


Dog Social

by on

These guys are fantastic! They care enough about their Clients and Client's dogs that they spend almost every Saturday holding a dog and owner social! That alone shows how much they care, when you meet them in person, You'll understand how I feel. I wish they were more stars, they are that good.


Amazing knowledge

by on

I brought my 9 month old border collie to help with some basic issues We did the Speedy Camp, but after meeting and talking with Bethany, I'm sure any class you chose would work for your dog. My dog came back SO much better. She still has some refining to do, but I feel like we were given all the skills we need to reinforce her training, and help her be a well adjusted member of our family. HIGHLY recommend.

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