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24 plus years experience. Licensed and insured. Maintenance preformed on all cars, trucks, SUVs, diesles, and motorcycles,all work guaranteed, (801) 831 - 2865

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Monday - Saturday 9:00am - 6:00pm

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Wb Motors Of Utah

free oil change with major repair a $45 value,

Details: discounts for cash paying customers,military and seniors

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Worked well multiple visits on a variety of car fixes

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I've worked with WB for close to 10 times on various fixes for my car. Customer service has been excellent. The pricing has been very good in comparison to other places where I received estimates. On top of this, these guys look out for me and haven't tried to add extra costs when it wasn't necessary. In fact, they went out of their way to help me save some costs when they easily could have tried to sell me on things that weren't absolutely necessary. Although I wish I could say I won't be visiting them again, cars are unpredictable, and they'll be the first people I hit up when I need more repairs.


Honest Mechanic

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I have done business with W.B. Motors and have always been treated great. Price is right and he gets the job done right. I send all my friends and family there, I have had no complaints. I recommend to all, take your vehicle to W.B. Motors and try for yourself.


No part, No refund

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Run around Bill. Ignore you Bill. Screw you Bill. I ordered a part. Bill Schwindt at WB Motors insisted he order the part and I pay him, with guarantee of refund. That's his policy. Later, my car was stolen, therefore Bill refused the part and it went back to his vendor. He insisted that I chase his vendor for his refund, which I agreed to do since my car being stolen was not his fault. After a month and a lot of hard work I got WB Motors their refund. That's when Bill Schwindt cut me off - refusing to take my calls and never returning my calls. I disputed the charge with my CC company. Why do I have to do that? His vendor is not my vendor. The facts are simple. I paid WB Motors for a part I never got, and WB Motors refused to refund me.


Dishonest People and Poor Service

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The owner of this company, Bill Schwindt, is anything but an upstanding human being. He recently worked with a friend, charging her over $3000 up front to replace an engine he said was bad. He then proceeded to ignore her calls, create false receipts with repairs of things that were not done, refused to give her a contract, hang up on her when she did get through- and when she went in person to try to resolve things and get her car back, he threatened and swore at her- to say the minimal. It's unbelievable what people have gone through with this person and his multiple businesses if you read the many reviews out there. It's horrible and criminal behavior. There's not enough room to give all the details here- but please, buyer beware, this is not a good person to deal with. You will regret your decision. Do your research and take your needs elsewhere.


Huge Scam and Unkind Human Being!

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My friends been dealing w Bill at WB for 2 mnths. I've been trying to help mediate communication w him, after he insisted she pay an extra $1200 after the 1st $3500. I was amazed at his language w me when I called to advocate for her, for starters. An absolute crook and a very unkind, unprofessional, abusive person. He has lied, threatened and name called to a maximum extent. Refused to give her a contract or itemized bill when asked, and stated "your friend is a ***** , and if she doesn't stop calling me every day for her car, I'll pull the engine out, take it apart and charge her storage for as long as it sits here. She won't be able to get it or ever drive it again." He also said "She needs to bring me an extra $1200 in cash or I'll keep her car forever." In addition, " I don't owe her ***** . I have an open ended contract with her and will take as long as I feel like to get to it. Tell her to sue me. She'll never win." This is just a glimpse. It's so unethical!

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