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Utah's oldest and most reliable fence company since 1948.

We use quality materials. We are Licensed/Bonded/Insured for all your fencing needs. We offer various fencing materials from Ornamental Iron, Chain-link, Wood and Vinyl. We are the best fence company in the state of Utah.

We will accomplish this by doing the following:

1. We will offer quality products and superior workmanship 2. We will provide customers the best value for their money 3. We will go the extra mile to ensure that our customers have a positive experience in purchasing their fence from us. 4. We will reward our employees who demonstrate a genuine desire to be the best at what they do. 5. We expect all our employees to be courteous and helpful to our customers and to their fellow workers 6. We will provide a safe working environment for all our employees.

From the point of sale through service and warranty, we commit ourselves to excellence.

Hours of Operations

Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm

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Avoid these guys

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Avoid these guys. Blake the sales guy promised me my rails would be done in 6 weeks-even sealed the deal by telling me to "give him a call" if the "guys" we're moving too slow and he would hurry things along. Never heard from him again. After a bunch of hounding with no call backs, 10 weeks later Ben did a crappy install. End pieces hanging off my steps, crooked rails, support ends that didn't touch the ground but we're screwed in anyway, a railing that was supposed to be on the left side of the steps but was installed on the right. After a visit to the store, more phone calls and another 4 weeks, my rails were finally installed. First tip: go with a different company. Second tip: go with a different company. If you do decide on these guys, get a time line in writing before you put down any money and be prepared to fight for the professional look you are paying for.

Extremely Poor Customer Service

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Don't use this company! Western Fence Company rep came to my home looked at the job, which was to put up a electric opening gate, one that rolls out of the way and then across the driveway to block the driveway, 6 feet tall, 15' across, kind a big job. The rep said, "We do these all the time." That he would be back in touch with me and get me a bid. It's been one month an there has been ZERO contact by them. While at my home I asked the Rep to, "Please call me if you are going to email the bid so I will know that you sent it, because it's likely it will go into my junk mail." He said that he would. ZERO response, ZERO follow through, ZERO anything after that. Now that I have had this problem with them I have been looking at reviews and they have a extremely low review rating on some other review sites. I would recommend trying one of the other many fence companies in SLC.

Western Fence Review

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I had wind damage on 2 older wood fences, I anticipated that I would have to replace them but they offered a repair solution that exceeded my expectation not to mention a huge cost savings. I wold highly recommend Western Fence and will use them again in the future.

Great to work with

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they answered all my questions and were able to work with me on the design. if they made any changes they would call me to make sure it was ok and called to verify that it was what i wanted. all in all if i need a fence i will be back


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The crew broke multiple sprinkler pipes and cut my sprinkler line that controls the valves. They dodged a bullet because my UTOPIA fiber line was just below the PVC it and my sprinkler saved them from cutting it. The crew just said they cant fix it. I ran it up to the owner and he was very unhelpful and refused to take responsibility for it. They said they don't offer sprinkler insurance anymore. I ordered a 5' fence with a 5' gate. They showed up with a 6' fence and said it had to be 6' because the gate they ordered was 6'. I argued but lost. A month later they called and said the gate was in... it was 5' and had to me modified. WHAT?!? They delivered a hacked gate with holes and gaps and tried to get me to accept it. Piles of dirt in my yard, broken sprinklers and killed my whole sprinkler system, delivered the wrong fence and gate. The whole process took months and was a pretty small fence! Owner took no responsibility and refused to offer a credit.

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