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The company's license is expired on probation

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I had exact same experience as the last two reviewers. Julian plays the same trick again and again to his customers. I bet he and his friends wrote the first several reviews here on KSL. Here is the fact: if you put their company's name "Domestic contracting of Utah" on DOPL(Utah Division of Professional Licensing)online under "verify a license", you will see the company's license is expired on probation on 11/30/2013. You can also see all the disciplinary actions again Julian Alexander. There were a lot of them.


Do Not Use This Guy

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This company is not to be trusted. Jullian gave us a bid that we both accepted. Jullian started the project and about half way through it wanted more money. He said he would not continue to work on the project until we paid him more. We told him no. Please don't make the same mistake we did. Find someone else to do your project. One star is to high for this company.


Didn't Finish Job, Out $4000

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Julian Alexander started my basement the 1st of November 2012. Thought he would be great based on reviews on ksl. My contract's completion date: before Christmas. He was great at first. I payed him in draws (which he designed) as the work progressed not knowing i was paying for work that hadn't been done yet but i was planning on him doing the whole project. I now know i had paid him for about 85% of the work by early December with only about 60% done...from there it went downhill. He claimed he got hurt and didn't come regularly and when he did come, would stay for only a few hours and then leave. There were many excuses and promises made but not kept. This went on until now, where my timeline required me to get someone else to finish it. Its costing me 6k to finish what was left, 4k over my contract with him (being frugal with the people finishing it as well to keep cost down). Working on getting money back. Be careful and don't be naive like me. Call me for more details 8016153592.


Wouldn't even give me a quote

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I said 25.00 an hour was reasonable and he said don't want your business.

Owner response: This reviewer offered Domestic Contracting $25/hour to build a home. The company adivsed reviewer that this was not a reasonable offer. Dometic Contracting does not refuse any reasonable offers for service.


Choose Someone Else

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We had a terrible experience with Domestic Contracting of Utah. We are now in litigation with him and his company. We gave him $7,000. Within days, he was asking us for another $7,000. Because we were going out of town and wanted work to continue on our project, we foolishly gave it to him. He did about five to ten percent of the work and told us he was 3/4 of the way through and demanded once again more money. We refused, and he then WALKED OFF THE JOB. By the way, the last day on the job, he started PAINTING and painted right over the top of the light fixtures. He hadn't finished demolition. He left all the demolition in the garage.

Owner response: This attorney filed a suite in court which was thrown out. He also had a bar complaint filed against him. This client abused his authority as a attorney. We would just hope that one day he will remove this dis honest review. "Honesty" is not in the cards for some people.

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