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Salt Lake carpet cleaning by ZEROREZ® provides GREEN, chemical free carpet cleaning in Salt Lake and surrounding areas. Our patented, CRI gold rated chemical free carpet cleaning will leave the carpets of Salt Lake with no residue.

1. Industry changing technology
2. IICRC Certified Technicians
3. Right vs. Wrong
4. No Soaps, Shampoos or Detergents
5. Electrolyzed Oxidative Water
6. Amazing retrieval system
7. No Residue
8. Rated #1 by Carpet and Rug Institute study

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small pet urine

by on

We have two yorkies and one is very small. I took a black light one night playing with the kids and to my surprise saw a ton of dog pee spots (I didn't know you could see them with a black light). Anyway, we called up zero rez. They said they handle pet urine all the time and that it would get rid of the smell. No sir! It didn't. We have a fairly new home and are very clean people (the dogs must have been sneaking it, because none of us had ever seen them piddle inside). That is, we called zero rez because of what we were living in, but we couldn't smell it unless we got right down to the carpet and sniffed. They are small dogs. Anyway, zero rez came. Very professional, very kind, very friendly. A few days later we could smell it. It was almost worse than originally. So, they came back and we put a little tape on each spot so they knew where to clean. Unfortunately, the second time didn't remove it either. It removed a lot of it though...probably 70 percent. 3 stars.


Bad experience

by on

Scheduled to have Zerorez clean my carpent in the morning and even took half a day off work. Spent two hours the night before moving all my furniture and items out of the rooms. By 12:00 noon on the day I was scheduled for the cleaning I had not seen or heard from them by. Spent the next hour trying to call their business number and could not get in contact with anyone. By 1:00 pm I finnaly got a call back and was told that it would be another 2 hours before a technician would be to my home. At the point there was not way I could wait that long and had to cancell. The woman I delt with did not seam to care one bit about my inconvience or the fact that I would not do buisnss with them.


Misleading website and services

by on

My sons room is the outhouse for our 2 pugs. We have a rug doctor that I have been very happy with as far as cleaning the carpets, but it couldn't get the pee smell out. We had a Groupon for another company to clean it and spent $60 on them and it still smelled. Zerorez has commercials on the radio and were on good things utah, where my wife saw them. She saw their pet cleaning and how they got the urine deep out of the carpet so she ordered it online. Their online prices are very misleading. Pet Treatment $50, that only means that they spray a different spray on yoru carpet, you still have to pay the $29 to clean that room. Our tech was 2 hours late and seemed rushed to get done. When he finished the room i asked him if the pee smell was gone for good and he said he can only smell their cleaner, but when the carpet dried, the pee smell was as bad as ever. I spent $150 on them to come and now i'm just going to spend $360 and replace the whole carpet. live and learn i guess...


I won't be calling them again.

by on

My first experience was great with Zerorez. Ike came and cleaned my mother's carpets. Since then my mother has used them a couple times to her satisfaction, but every time she makes an appointment, they call me and ask for her. The one other time I had them come clean my area rug, they called me and asked for her. After they were done with my area rug, it had a couple of "bubbles" that weren't there before. It's not a big deal as I'm going to replace the rug. When I tried to write them a letter (to basically tell them I don't appreciate the mixed up phone calls and that I would no longer be using them for carpet cleaning) the post office returned it as undeliverable. So, I'm writing this review, and I won't be using their service again.


Terrible Customer Service, Mediocre Job

by on

Technician was super-late. Zero Rez told us that he would could between 3pm and 6pm. Timing was important; we had kids to put to bed and I took time off work. Zero Rez called at 4pm telling us technician would come nearer to 6pm. 6pm came and I called. Zero Rez couldn't get a hold of him. Zero Rez then called telling me the technician would come near 7pm, giving me technician's name and phone; Zero Rez said he was late was because the previous customer asked for extras (so they were willing to inconvenience me instead of making the customer with extras reschedule). The technician was switched on us without Zero Rez telling us, because the technician whose name and number I was given didn't answer, and I got a call from a technician with a different name and a different phone number, who said he would come at 8:30pm. We timed our kids' bedtime around it, but he ended coming at 8pm, in the middle of my toddler's bedtime routine. Service was mediocre, no better than the next guy.

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