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Salt Lake carpet cleaning by ZEROREZ® provides GREEN, chemical free carpet cleaning in Salt Lake and surrounding areas. Our patented, CRI gold rated chemical free carpet cleaning will leave the carpets of Salt Lake with no residue.

1. Industry changing technology 2. IICRC Certified Technicians 3. Right vs. Wrong 4. No Soaps, Shampoos or Detergents 5. Electrolyzed Oxidative Water 6. Amazing retrieval system 7. No Residue 8. Rated #1 by Carpet and Rug Institute study

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Details: Get 3 areas of your home cleaned for just $79.

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Beware! My invoice came to $300 more than my estimate. We weren't prepared for the additional charges NOT identified before the service. Zerorez also did not deliver the additional promotional services that were included with my order. Overall it was a bad experience, and I don't really care about the hype of my carpet and residue. They left a lot of product on my floor in sealing my grout so I now have to mop my recently "professionally cleaned" floor to clean up what Zerorez left behind. I will find a better company to do business with next time.


Worst carpet cleaning ever

by on

After hearing Zerorez endorsed on KSL radio by Dowg Wright, I figured they must be a good company. I was so wrong. They charged almost twice what I have paid for when using any other carpet cleaning service, were an hour and a half late, but worst of all was the incredibly horrible job they did. They didn't even attempt to clean under my dining room table even though I'd moved nearly every chair, etc. out of the way and they left the majority of spots behind even though every other carpet cleaner I've used has gotton similar stains out without a problem. I think if KSL had any integrity at all, they'd stop endorsing this company. I know now that if KSL endorses something, it's a company I'll steer clear of *****


Carpet Cleaning

by on

Just had the carpets cleaned and can say I am very happy with the job done. The tech was on time, even a little early, went right to work and had it all done in an hour. No mess left and carpets look great. One area very stained from the wheels of a wheelchair but they worked really hard on this area and it's much better. The price was as quoted and no pressure to purchase any thing else. This is the 2nd time I've used them in the past 2 years and I will use their services again.


I can not begin to express my Disappointment

by on

First lets start with the price they quote is not the price they show up with $39 difference. Ok, people make mistakes. Second Technician Joseph begins with the hard up sell. again Ok people need to make a living. Third Joseph tries a third time to re negotiate the agreed upon price. Ok points for trying. Again with the upsell which we already agreed to on the phone but now our price is increased another 200 dollars. My wife asks Joseph to leave. Joseph then agrees to the original listed price. Joseph apparently is very popular. Joseph likes to text a lot and apparently got lonely so he invited his friend over for a good old fashion "bs" session. Joseph spent 5 hours at our home cleaning 4 rooms and stairs (around 750 of open carpet no furniture on the floors)If Joseph had put 1/5 the effort into cleaning as he did with the upsell, texting and B.S.ing, he would have been finished in an about 2 hours and carpets I am sure would have not been soaking wet and super smelly. HORRIBLE


small pet urine

by on

We have two yorkies and one is very small. I took a black light one night playing with the kids and to my surprise saw a ton of dog pee spots (I didn't know you could see them with a black light). Anyway, we called up zero rez. They said they handle pet urine all the time and that it would get rid of the smell. No sir! It didn't. We have a fairly new home and are very clean people (the dogs must have been sneaking it, because none of us had ever seen them piddle inside). That is, we called zero rez because of what we were living in, but we couldn't smell it unless we got right down to the carpet and sniffed. They are small dogs. Anyway, zero rez came. Very professional, very kind, very friendly. A few days later we could smell it. It was almost worse than originally. So, they came back and we put a little tape on each spot so they knew where to clean. Unfortunately, the second time didn't remove it either. It removed a lot of it though...probably 70 percent. 3 stars.

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