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CrystalClear Painting Decorating Inc.

Honest and trustworthy company with over 30 years experience of perfecting the art of painting.

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Heating,Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Service, repair and new installation.

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Redemption Dog Training

I have 2 dogs that were incredibly reactive! I couldn't walk them on a leash to save my life or others. Anytime they saw a dog or person they would just go crazy! One time my dog June jumped out of the living room window and went straight after a dog and its owner. She attacked the dog and I was terrified I would have to put her down. I contacted Jasmine and she was incredibly knowledgeable and sweet. She honestly trained me and taught me so much about not only my dogs but myself. After several training sessions, I was amazed by my dog's transformations. She taught me how to understand my dogs and stop issues before they even started. I honestly can't even recognize the dogs I have today, they are the dogs I always wanted and didn't think I would ever have. I learned how smart my dogs are and now have a much deeper and more meaningful relationship. We now mutually respectful and love one another. I can't thank Redemption Dog Training enough for saving my babies life, and changing mine!

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Behavioral specialist with a wide variety of services. Daycare, in-home training, classes and more!
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